10 Unknow Facts From The Life Of Caroline Smedvig- Wife Of The Star James Taylor

10 Unknow Facts From The Life Of Caroline Smedvig- Wife Of The Star James Taylor

As James Taylor soared in his music career, his wife Caroline Smedvig, an American reporter, writer, and musician, stood by his side. She is the woman who used to lead public relations and marketing for the Boston Symphony Orchestra. After that chapter, she stepped into a role as a trustee for the orchestra. So we can say that she’s gained recognition for her own achievement, not from his husband’s spotlight.

Caroline Smedvig’s Age Is 69 Years

Kim Taylor, famously known as Caroline Smedvig, is a writer, journalist, and singer. As of 2023, she is 69 years old. Born on May 31, 1953, Kim grew up in Albany, New York State. She is an American citizen and a member of the Caucasian racial group. 

Her father, who attended Yale University, was a well-known attorney in Albany and an experienced partner at Hiscock & Barclay. In addition, he served on the board of the Albany Medical Centre for many years. 

Caroline Smedvig Met With Her Husband In 1992

As previously mentioned, Caroline used to work in BSO. While she was working there, she attended a concert which was arranged by John Williams. This was the time when Caroline Smedvig met his current James Taylor. 

But Taylor was still married to Kathryn Walker, so it was impossible for the two to start dating right away. Two years later, on July 3, 1995, Kathryn finally announced her split from the American musician, giving him the chance to embark on their first date. According to reports, Taylor drew inspiration for his popular song “On the Fourth of July” on this day. The couple agreed to take things a step further and tie the knot after going on to have a romance that lasted over six years.

Caroline Married In The Year 2001 

Caroline is married to American singer-songwriter James Taylor. Since getting married in 2001, the pair have enjoyed a happy marriage that has only grown closer. Regarding their wedding, it happened on February 18 of that year at Boston’s Emmanuel Episcopal Church’s Lindsey Chapel. They exchanged vows in front of fifty relatives and close companions members.


She Is The Proud Mother Of Twins

In April 2001, the joyful couple welcomed Henry and Rufus Taylor, their biological twins. According to the Boston Herald, Taylor’s family friend, the anonymous surrogate mother, gave birth to the twins. In 2000, the unidentified surrogate mother underwent in vitro fertilization. Additionally, a month before the birth of their twins, the pregnancy was revealed.


Taylor And Caroline Has A Strong Bond

Caroline Smedvig and her spouse have been together for more than 22 years, and they credit maturity for their enduring relationship. The singer of “Fire and Rain,” James Taylor, advises males to consider marriage later in life when they get mature. 

According to Taylor, this gives males the crucial time they need to grow and learn before engaging in a committed long-term relationship. James Taylor has demonstrated his devotion to his spouse with emotional compositions such as “Caroline I See You” and the popular tune “On the 4th of July.” Even some of the songs on Taylor’s 2002 album October Road were inspired by their existence together. 

Smedvig and James have had a happy life together, and their bond is getting better every day. The partner of an American musician strongly encourages her husband’s accomplished music career despite not pursuing her own job as a writer. The couple puts up a united face by routinely appearing at events, on music stages, and on social media.

Her Husband James Taylor Is A Famous American Singer

Smedvig’s husband James Taylor is a well-known artist. The singer was born on March 12, 1948, in Boston, Massachusetts. This indicates that in 2023 he will be 75 years old. He made his big break when he released the single “Fire and Rain” in 1970. 

He is a singer-songwriter who has won six Grammy Awards. Handy Man, You’ve Got a Friend, and Don’t Let Me Be Lonely Tonight are a few of his award-winning songs. Over 100 million recordings have been sold worldwide by him. In 2000, James received his induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 


Taylor And Caroline Had Their Previous Partners 

Prior to getting married to Taylor, Smedvig was married to the late principal trumpeter of the orchestra, Rolf Thorstein Smedvig. Back in December 1980, the former lovers got married in Albany. But, their marriage only lasted a few years until they called it quits on their love. 

Other than that, her current husband James wed actress Carly Simon for the first time in November 1972. A lovely marriage was enjoyed by the two for a number of years prior to their separation in 1983. Additionally, the ex-couples had two children, Sally and Ben. 

Both of their kids have the same passion for music as their father. Sarah Maria Taylor, the daughter of James, in particular, has achieved great success in her career as a singer. On December 14, 1985, Taylor got married to Kathryn Walker for the second time. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine served as the venue for their wedding. But in 1996, after more than ten years of marriage, their marriage also ended.

Smedvig Used To Work In BSO And Also The Writer And Reporter

Smedvig used to be a reporter for the Knickerbocker News in Albany, New York. She also worked for a number of other newspaper firms after graduating, one of which was the old afternoon paper, Springfield Daily News. The author began working with the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) in 1980, rising to the position of Director of Public Relations and Marketing. However, she left the organization in 2004 and is currently a trustee.

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Caroline Aka Kim’s Fortune Is $5 Million 

As of 2023, sources claim that Caroline Smedvig net worth is $500,000. She started working for the BSO company, where she is SEO Mark Volpe’s go-to advisor. Her earnings in cash were greatly aided by the corporation. Her accomplishments as a writer and reporter also serve as verifiable proof of her enormous wealth. 

James Taylor’s Has $80 Million

The American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and lyricist is reported to be worth about $80 million. With a lengthy music career spanning more than fifty years, he has amassed enormous money. According to current sources, James and his spouse, C. Smedvig, reside in a luxurious residence in Lenox. 

Bottom Line

Although James Taylor is a multi-award-winning singer-songwriter, Caroline Smedvig is not as well-known as him. But it was because of her that he wrote some of his popular love songs, which have reached the top of musical charts all over the world. For other couples going through a divorce, their love story serves as motivation. 


Is James Taylor’s wife a singer?

James Taylor’s wife, Caroline Smedvig, is indeed a musician, reporter, and writer.

Who is the mother of James Taylor’s child?

James Taylor’s joyful parenthood includes children with his wife Caroline Smedvig, specifically Henry and Rufus Taylor. However, he also has two children Ben and Selly Taylor from his previous marriage.

How did James Taylor and Kim meet?

James Taylor and Caroline Smedvig, fondly known as Kim, crossed paths when Caroline worked at the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Their connection deepened after meeting at a concert arranged by John Williams.

Who is James Taylor’s ex-wife?

Before marrying Caroline Smedvig, James Taylor was previously married to actress Carly Simon. They enjoyed a lovely marriage for several years before parting ways in 1983.

10 Unknow Facts From The Life Of Caroline Smedvig- Wife Of The Star James Taylor
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