Who Is Ana De Armas Dating In 2024? – All About The Famous Actress Of ‘Blade Runner’

Who Is Ana De Armas Dating In 2024? – All About The Famous Actress Of ‘Blade Runner’

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Ana De Armas is well known for playing the newest Bond girl in the successful flicks Knock Knock, Blade Runner 2049, Knoves Out, and No Time To Die. She was also widely recognised for being Ben Affleck’s girlfriend from Batman. As of 2024, she has approximately 13 million followers on Instagram, indicating that she is also doing rather well for herself there.

According to recent data, she is a charming actress from Cuba who is worth over $6 million. Additionally, she has completed filming the Netflix biography in which she plays the renowned Marilyn Monroe. So, for those of you who are just starting to follow this hot actress or you wanted to know mpre about her lavish lifestyle, here are the details for you.

Ana De Armas Age- Early Life And Family Background

Anna, now 35, was born on April 30, 1988, into a modest family. According to sources, she dreamed of being an actress because she loved to watch films at her neighbor’s house. She began her career by joining the National Theatre of Cuba in Havana and working her way up to the television industry. 

Family And Parents

Although Ana’s career is well documented, information about her family, including her parents’ and siblings’ names, is not publicly available. According to latest updates, her father Ramón had a number of positions, including deputy mayor of a town, teacher, bank manager, and principal of a school. 

He had previously attended a Soviet institution to study philosophy. Her mother, on the other hand, was employed by the Ministry of Education in the human resources department.

Beginning Her Career As A Ballet Dancer

We are all aware that Anna has won praise from critics throughout the world for her roles in both Spanish- and English-language films. Ana, who was raised in Havana, first wanted to be a ballet dancer but eventually changed her career goal to acting. 

Her early career in Cuba consisted of parts in a number of television shows, which set the stage for her popularity later on. She built a solid foundation in the acting trade and acquired useful experience while attending the National Theatre School. We can say that the foundation for her future profession in the entertainment sector was established by her early education.

Beginning Of Her Career- Ana De Armas Movies And Tv Shows

As we all know Ana de Armas has a remarkable international career. The beautiful actress has a household name as she has gone from fascinating TV roles to starring in Hollywood blockbusters. 

El Internado (2007-2010): “El Internado,” a Spanish teen thriller, was Ana’s early hit. Her performance as Carolina set the stage for a bright future.

Hispania, la leyenda (2010–2011): She demonstrated her flexibility in this historical drama, leaving a lasting impression on the television industry.

Blade Runner 2049 (2017): In this follow-up to the cult classic Blade Runner, Ana, as digital companion Joi, steals the show despite having a supporting role.


Knives Out (2019): In this celebrity-filled crime comedy, the Cuban actress Ana De Armas wows the crowd with her portrayal of Martha, who brings a lighthearted and witty touch to an Oscar-nominated mystery.

Sergio (2020): As Sergio Vieira de Mello’s love interest, Ana gives the drama based on actual events more dimension.

No Time to Die (2021): De Aramas Paloma leaves her mark on the James Bond series, bringing charm and mystery to Daniel Craigs’ last Bond outing.


Deep Water (2022): Ben Affleck and Ana put up a strong performance together in this psychological thriller that explores the intricacies of a troubled marriage.

The Grey Man (2020): Her outstanding performance enhances her role in this action-mystery thriller, making it enjoyable to watch.

Ghosted (2023): This action-romance featured sweet cameos from Ana and Chris Evans. Though opinions will differ, the movie provides a fun diversion for a fun movie night.


Ballerina- Upcoming (7 June, 2024): As Ana gears up for the John Wick spin-off TV series, “Ballerina,” anticipation builds around her role as a dancer turned assassin seeking revenge.  Ballerina is scheduled to premiere in theatres in the middle of the summer movie season, on Friday, June 7, 2024, 

Eden (Upcoming): “Eden,” a current project that is anticipated to be released in 2024, broadens the 35 year old actress’s range of experience. The movie is billed as a murder and survival story with a dark sense of humor. Fans are quite excited to see her next on-screen project as more information becomes clear.

About Ana De Armas Boyfriend And Marital Status

Ana de Armas has maintained a high level of privacy in her personal life. Nonetheless, her skill and screen persona keep her in high demand as an actor in the entertainment industry. 


De Armas started dating Spanish actor Marc Clotet in the middle of 2010. July 2011 saw the two get married in Costa Brava. Before choosing to file for divorce in 2013, they were together for almost two years. She started dating Franklin Latt, a talent agent, in early 2015. 

They were together until late 2016, when they had a brief engagement. She got to know  the famous American actor Ben Affleck, during the shooting of  “Deep Water.” They remian together from 2020 to 2021. According to the latest reports , Ana De Armas relationship with actor Paul Boukadakis took the interests of the audience. 


Speaking of Boukadakis, an interview with Entrepreneur in 2016 revealed that he attended Bishop Kelley High School and resided in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He had gone back to his old mater to test the video-sharing software Wheel with teenagers in the Midwest at the time, and he was the CEO and co-founder of the company. Before he made Wheel (which was first named Ferris), Boukadakis was a director for ten years.

Although they rarely draw attention to their relationship, Paul Boukadakis and Ana De Armas have been sighted out together on several occasions. They were most recently spotted holding hands and kissing in New York City, according to images that the official sources were able to collect. 

During the epidemic, the couple’s mutual buddy introduced them to one another. The couple’s early dating days were spent getting familiar with each other over wine at their houses because the majority of conventional date venues were closed.

Net Worth Of Ana De Armas- Regarding Her Total Fortune Of 2024

De Armas, one of the most beautiful divas in Hollywood, has a sizable fan following, but how much money is in her bank account? Her estimated net worth is $6 million, according to sources in the media. With her perseverance, commitment, and passion, Ana has made a name for herself in the profession since Knock Knock in 2014.

This may come as a surprise considering the actress’s limited Hollywood experience—she only starred in Blonde and played a minor role in The Blade Runner 2049—but her TV career was quite successful prior to that. She got and held a major main part in a popular TV show, and has been completely dominating Spain’s “telenovela scene.”

Bottom Line 

In conclusion, Ana de Armas, who gained notoriety for her parts in blockbuster films like “Knock Knock” and “Blade Runner 2049,” is still a compelling presence in both television and films. She’s a social media sensation as well as a gifted performer, with over 13 million Instagram followers and a $6 million net worth. 

Her relationship with Paul Boukadakis is currently receiving more attention than her relationship with Ben Affleck, which garnered media attention. Fans can’t wait for Ana to continue her incredible career as she takes on new and exciting projects like “Ballerina” and “Eden.”


Who is the current boyfriend of?

Ana de Armas is now seeing Paul Boukadakis romantically.

Why is Ana De Armas is so famous?

Ana de Armas became well-known for her remarkable roles in Hollywood productions such as Blade Runner 2049 and Knock Knock.

Did Ana De Armas and Ben Affleck have a relationship in past?

Ana de Armas was in a relationship with Ben Affleck for a period, gaining attention in the media.

Which actress plays Blade Runner 2049’s Joi?

Ana de Armas plays the role of Joi in Blade Runner 2049.

Who Is Ana De Armas Dating In 2024? - All About The Famous Actress Of ‘Blade Runner’
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Who Is Ana De Armas Dating In 2024? - All About The Famous Actress Of ‘Blade Runner’
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