From Prankster To Millionaire- Shammi Prasad Net Worth, Family, And Social Media Presence

From Prankster To Millionaire- Shammi Prasad Net Worth, Family, And Social Media Presence

If you are a social media enthusiast then you have probably heard about Shammi Prasad, a man who took millions of followers with just a prank on Facebook. As of 2024, he is ruling in the hearts of 3 million people on social media. His brother Jayden Prasad, a handsome soccer player also plays a significant role in shaping his brother’s career.  The combo keeps the internet buzzing.  Now the vlogger and prankster has approximately 3.51 million in his bank account. Here, the question arises besides the internet, what made him earn this massive fortune? We will explore all that in this guide by discussing everything about his career, personal life, total income as well as his brother’s life. 

Who Is Shammi Prasad? Early Life, Family Background, And Educational Information 

Shammi Prasad was born on February 1st, 1993 in Brisbane, Australia. The most popular things about him are his “Shammi” and “Shammi Vlogs” YouTube channels. He was born under the sign of Aquarius and is currently 28 years old. He is a member of the white ethnic group and is an Australian citizen. When it comes to his faith, there isn’t any comprehensive information available online. 


Shammi was born to his biological parents in Australia for the first time, as was previously mentioned. On social media, there are, nevertheless, a lot of questions about Shammi Prasad’s parents. Unfortunately, after extensive research, no comprehensive information was discovered on social media. It has been proven, however, that he grew up in a polite Australian household.

Charming Appearance

Shammi, the attractive social media celebrity, is 6 feet 1 inch tall, according to the reports. He is 70 kilograms with an athletic build. In addition to his good appearance, he has no obvious tattoos and very little facial hair. The fact that he has black hair and pupils drew millions of followers.

The Social Media Career Of Shammi- Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, And Tiktok Followers

“The Feeling Before Pay Day,” the first video Shammi ever uploaded to the internet, was put to his Facebook page in 2014. His social media influence has risen since this video was posted in 2014. Over the years, Shammi has pulled off endless antics and practical jokes that have elevated his profile and won him admirers. With nearly 15 million followers, he is among the most well-known users on Facebook. 


In a similar vein, he frequently makes fun of his friends in videos that he uploads to YouTube under the title “How to annoy your buddies off.” His videos are usually viewed by over 5 million people, and he gains new subscribers every day. At the moment, he has more than 1.3 million YouTube subscribers.


Speaking of his Facebook, he rapidly amassed a sizable following because of his own comedic style. His vlogs, challenges, and practical jokes originally gained international notoriety on Facebook. With his distinct sense of humor and love of pushing the envelope, Shammi amassed a devoted following of over 20M followers very rapidly.

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Shammi was able to post teases for new projects, behind-the-scenes photos, and bits of his daily life on Instagram. Fans may witness a more private side of the social media celebrity here, including his peaceful times at home and his trips with friends. By 2024, he had about 3 million followers on Instagram


The social media celebrity is also quite good at bringing his inventiveness and humor to the short-form video format on TikTok. His captivating content—which frequently consists of challenges, trends, and impromptu pranks—resonates well with the TikTok audience, garnering him a sizable 6.8 million followers. 

About Shammi’s Brother Jayden Prasad

So, how many brothers does Shammi have? He has one loving brother named “Jayden Prasad” a well-known name in Australian football. He is a midfielder who plays for the Australian national team as well as Hume City. He was born on February 5, 1997, which makes him an Aquarius, which is a sign of the zodiac that is noted for being intelligent and self-reliant. As of  2024, he is a man who possesses a value of almost $2 million.

In March 2022, Jayden’s supporters began to feel a great deal of concern. On Instagram, he shared a picture that he had taken at the hospital, but he didn’t go into detail on the nature of his condition. Some people said that he was going to retire but it was a joke. Unfortunately, nobody knows what actually happened to him. 


There are a lot of great things that Jayden is doing in his life while he is not playing football. Even if there are rumors that he is dating a special person, he chooses to keep the details private. The number of people who follow him on Instagram is over 232,000, and he frequently posts about his life on that platform, including pictures of him hanging out with his brother, Shammi.

Shammi Prasad’s Net Worth- About His Total Fortune

Shammi did not suddenly become famous the day she woke up. He put in a lot of effort, beginning with the very first video he ever uploaded on Facebook, as was previously mentioned. In the years that followed, he continued to produce further videos, upload them to YouTube, and encourage an increasing number of people to watch them.

With regard to his overall wealth, he possesses a net worth that is greater than $3.51 million. But, if you count all the ways he makes money, like ads on his videos and selling stuff, some people think he might even have more than that, maybe up to $4.91 million.


All of Shammi’s videos on YouTube are viewed by millions of people each and every month. As a result, he has the potential to earn approximately $876,000 per year solely from the advertisements. It is possible that he could earn more than $1.5 million in a single year if he is extremely fortunate and receives a large number of views.

There are other sources of income for Shammi besides YouTube. To make up for his income, he also works with brands, sells products, and engages in a variety of other interesting activities. In addition to always coming up with new ideas, he collaborates with his friends, such as Jackson O’Doherty, to create entertaining videos.

Wrap Up

To sum it up, Shammi Prasad has really made a name for himself by just being himself and having fun online. He started with just one funny video and now millions of people follow him to see what he’ll do next. His brother, Jayden, who’s great at soccer, has also been a big part of Shammi’s success. Together, they’re an unstoppable team that keeps everyone entertained. Shammi’s not just popular; he’s also done well for himself, with a lot of money in the bank.  Now, we’ve shared their story, but what about you? What’s your take on turning a passion into a profession like Shammi did?

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