Colorful World Of YouTube Band ‘The Pals’- The Highs And Lows

Colorful World Of YouTube Band ‘The Pals’- The Highs And Lows

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The Pals were a group of YouTubers with 3.29 million subscribers who made funny and entertaining videos about Minecraft, Roblox, and other games. Their Minecraft and Roblox gameplay, punctuated by their creativity, teamwork, and passion, captivated millions of fans. They were also very popular, with millions of subscribers on YouTube. 

However, the group disbanded in 2019 after one of its members, Corl, was expelled for harassing a fan. That led to the group breaking up, surprising everyone who followed them. It was a big change in their cool team adventure.

The Pal’s Names- Faces Behind The YouTube Channel

The Pals are a group of cool friends who play games on YouTube. All of the friends of the Pals brought so much fun to your screen. We can say that each of them has their special day. 

  • Denis (Denis Kopotun): First is Denis! He is good at Minecraft whose stories and games are just fantastic. His relaxed style and immersive gameplay made his channel a hub for all things Minecraft, drawing massive followers. 
  • Sketch (Elijah Peter Best): The Pal’s Sketch, the shining star of Roblox, crafted thrilling adventures and vibrant experiences within the online world. He just makes Roblox games so exciting for everyone watching.
  • Sub (Dylan): Now let us talk about Sub! We can say that if there is anyone pro at both Minecraft and Roblox then he is The Pal’s Sub. Even though he talks differently in his videos, people enjoy watching him play.
  • Alex (Alex Orman): The next member is Alex, the champ at Roblox. People enjoy the way he plays and makes challenges in the game. His charismatic personality along with his compelling gaming challenges draws a lot of followers. 
  • Corl (Braden Reed Welsh): Once an integral part of The Pals, Corl used to be an important part of the channel. He left because of an issue with a fan, but his old adventures with the group are still part of their story.

The Story Of The Pals Started In 2012

The adventure of The Pals started in 2012 when friends got together to play games like Minecraft and Roblox, sharing their fun with everyone. They played so well together that millions of people subscribed to their channel. People loved their gaming videos and started talking about them. This was the time when The Pals became famous in the gaming world. 

But in 2019, things got a bit tough. One of the friends, Corl, had to leave the group because of some disagreement. This surprised everyone and made the group go through a big change.

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Why Did Corl The Pals Leave His Band?

As previously mentioned The Pals was once a Youtubers group that played games like Minecraft and Roblox. But in 2019, there was a big problem when one of the friends in the group, Corl, got into a fight with a fan who loved watching their videos. 

This fan said they loved Corl’s videos, but his response wasn’t nice. Instead of saying thanks, Corl made a comment that upset the fan. The rest of the group asked Corl to say sorry, but he didn’t. This small fight got bigger and bigger and then he had to leave The Pals.  Everyone felt sad because a small fight led to such a big change. After this, YouTube starts decided to stop making videos together. 

Net Worth Of The Pals- About Their Total Wealth

The Pals, a popular YouTube channel with over 3.29 million subscribers, has made quite a name for itself. Even though we don’t have their exact earnings, there are some guesses about their money situation. The estimated net worth of The Pals is around $121.49 thousand, but it could be even higher, maybe around $170.09 thousand if we consider all the ways they make money.


They might earn roughly $30.37 thousand a year. This is figured out from how many people watch their videos each month and every day. It’s estimated they earn about $3 to $7 for every 1,000 views. So, if they’re on the higher side of that estimate, they could be earning even more, maybe up to $54.67 thousand a year.

The Key Takeaway 

The story of The Pals, a group of vibrant gamers, was a rollercoaster of fun, fame, and unforeseen challenges. From their energetic gaming to the surprising rift that led to their disbandment, their story is an example of the dynamic nature of online communities. However, despite the unexpected turn, the impact they left on millions of viewers remains undeniable. 


Who are the five members of The Pals?

The five members of The Pals are Denis, Sketch, Sub, Alex, and Corl.

Sub is an integral part of The Pals, excelling in Minecraft and Roblox games.

What about The Pals’ Sub?

Sub is a key member of The Pals, showcasing skills in Minecraft and Roblox games.

Is Dennis also in the Pals?

Yes, Denis is a member of The Pals, renowned for his Minecraft expertise.

Who is The Pals’ Corl?

Corl was part of The Pals but left due to an issue with a fan, leading to the group’s disbandment.

Colorful World Of YouTube Band ‘The Pals’- The Highs And Lows
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Colorful World Of YouTube Band ‘The Pals’- The Highs And Lows
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