Biography Of Wilbur Soot; Shining Star Of The Internet World

Biography Of Wilbur Soot; Shining Star Of The Internet World

If you enjoy watching videos on YouTube and are active on social media, you’ve probably heard of Wilbur Soot. He is a member of the Soot House YouTube channel and a channel editor, Twitch streamer, and musician who went on to dominate the hearts of 6.19 million subscribers through his solo YouTube channel. He also has 4.8 million Twitch followers for his gaming content as of 2024. No doubt, he has grown his popularity on social media.

In the year 2017, he first joined YouTube as a co-founder and editor of the Soothouse YouTube channel and after that, he became popular and more popular. Now he is a big name on YouTube and has established his superiority by gaining many more followers. In this article, we will discuss how this social media star gained fame and all about his career and individual life.

Biography Of Wilbur Soot


William Patrick Spencer Gold known by the social media name  Wilbur Soot (SootHouse Wilbur)  came into the world on September 14, 1996 (27 years as of 2024). He is a solo YouTuber, English musician, and a Twitch streamer, who is better known for being an editor and front-man of the SootHouse Youtube channel 

Early Childhood 

Wilbur took his first breath in Suffolk, England. Later, the family relocated to Brighton, East Sussex where he is living now. His parent got separated in his childhood when he was in middle school. Therefore, he has not had the type of memorable childhood as he said that it is hard to live with only his father. In his early times, he slept on a futon and faced many difficulties in early times because of his financial crisis

He attended Sussex Downs College in Lewes, England. As of today, he recently completed his degree of Bachelor in Post Production and Editing. Now, this social media celebrity has gained fame and notability and has become the hearts of many.

Family Background

Although internet celebrities have not shared more about their family background, according to the information available on the internet, his mother worked in a government office and his father worked as an engineer. His parents divorced when he was young in age, which might be the reason behind the reduction of his parent’s information on the Internet.

Once in April 2019, Wilbur posted a sweet picture of his parent on the post of his Twitter account. It was a year photo of Wilbur when he was a little kid with her dad and mom holding a cake. It was perhaps his birthday picture as he wrote, “Me and my parents, 1997”

Religion and Ethnicity

Talking about religion, Wilbur Soot was raised in a Christian family as he has true faith in his religion. Moreover, he belongs to the British nationality and has a white English ethnicity

Siblings Of Wilbur Soot

When it comes to their siblings of Wilbur, it seems that he is the only child of his parent as there is no official information related to the siblings of the YouTube star. But after research, we have come to know that he has step-siblings (named Technoblade and Tommy Innit), from the other relationships of his parent.

Personal Information


Many of us might be curious to know about the famous social media personality, Wilbur from when he started, how he is from inside and out how is his internal life. Here is some information related to the personal life of Wilbur Soot, who touched the peak of popularity nowadays.

Charming Appearance

Wilbur Soot is a person with a handsome, charming, good-looking, and dashing personality. He stands at the estimated height of 6 ft 5 inches with an approximate weight of 58 kg. He has a brilliant body build-up and a pretty face. Might be this is the reason, he took the hearts of many. Here is the graph through which you can find the basic information related to the shining star of social media

Birth name William Patrick Spencer Gold
Known as Wilbur Soot
Birth date 14 September 1996
Birthplace Brighton, England, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Ethnicity White English
Father name Mr. Gold
Mother name Mrs. Gold
School/High School Local Suffolk School, England, United Kingdom
College/University Sussex Down’s College, Lewes, England, United Kingdom
Education Bachelors
Siblings Technoblade and Tommy Innit (half-brothers)
Zodiac sign Virgo
Famous as British Twitch streamer, Youtuber, and Musician
Height 6 ft 5 inches
Weight 58 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye color Blue
Religion Christianity
Current Residency Brighton and Hove
Marital Status Un-married

Relationship Status

If we talk about the relationship status of Wilbur Soot, he is single as of now. Although he kept this topic private it seems that he does not have a girlfriend still now. But, if we look at the news on the internet, it sounds like Nikita “Niki” might be his girlfriend. The couple has to be seen together several times, making people curious to think about them as lovebirds. But soon, they both cleared the subscribers that they were only friends and not dating each other. Is it hearsay or truth, Who Knows?

If we talk about Nikita (also famous as Nihachu), is from Germany and is popular as a YouTuber and a Twitch streamer. She is famous for adding chatting and gaming content to her account, which is the main reason behind her popularity on the internet.

Professional Career

Along with a brilliant personal life, Soot is enjoying a wonderful professional life too. No doubt, she knows better how to manage. Here we tell you where he started and how he touched the peak of popularity now.

Starting of Professional Career

Wilbur has been wonderful since his childhood, therefore, he wanted to groom his passion, massive thanks to his passion which gives him proficiency. Wilbur started his career as an editor of his Youtube channel named SootHouse that is also co-founded by him. At the time of having only 112 videos, this channel has over 1.35 million subscribers and people started loving this channel. 

The videos on this channel are related to life hacks, memes, reactions, and several other fun content. However, Soot gained his name after making his self-created YouTube channel, through which he is ruling in the hearts of about 6.25 million people.

Soot’s First Video

In the year 2019on March 29, Wilbur Soot published his first video named  “TINY Minecraft 25 Block Survival Challenge (Minecraft 5 X 5 challenge)” That was the time, he gained more and more fame as this video took the hearts of over 2.9 million people. 

Soon he decided to get this way as he knew how to dominate the hearts of people. On December 11, 2020, he made another video with the title “Your New Boyfriend” from which he gained a massive number of views as this video has over 66 million followers.

Wilbur Soot Twitch

Soot is highly activated on the platform Twitch where he posts videos of Minecraft played by him. As of now (15 March 2022), Wilbur has gathered 4.8 million followers. He has also participated in the “Minecraft server Dream SMP” that the rising star of YouTube joined in 2020. No doubt, this handsome guy is now touching the peak of popularity nowadays.

Singing Career

In January 2018, Wilbur Soot made his first debut song named “The Nice Guy Ballad”. His 6th song titled “You New Boyfriend” reached the top of success as he gained 65th position on the Single Chart of the U.K.

In 2021, he created and founded his indie rock band, Lovejoy which included Joe Goldsmith (guitarist) Mark Boardman (drummer), and Ash Kabosu (bassist). Soot is also the rhythm guitarist of this band. In the year 2021 on the 9th of May, this band released their first debut titled “EP, Are You Alright?”. Recently in October 2021, their second EP “Pebble Brain” gained massive fame as they achieved 12th position in the UK Album Chart.

Net worth

It is the most asked question of how much Wilbur Soot earned. After the research, we have come to know that he earned a monthly amount of $40,000 making his annual income $500,000 USD. Thanks to his various sources including Brand Deals, Sponsorship by selling merchandise, twitch donations, brand deals, and YouTube Ad revenue, earns a good amount.

While he works as a Twitch streamer, Songwriter, musician, singer, and YouTube content creator therefore as of 2024, he earned an approximate net worth between $700k to $800k.

Profile Links 

As we all know he is an active person on social media, he is active on different social media platforms. Here are some profile links from which you can directly visit his sites.

Wilbur Soot Facebook Click Here
Wilbur Soot Instagram Click Here
Wilbur Soot Youtube Click Here
Wilbur Soot Twitter Click Here
Wilbur Soot Tiktok Click Here
Wilbur Soot Twitch Click Here

Lesser Known Facts Related To The Life Of Wilbur Soot

  • He loves to play multiple musical instruments but the guitar is his favorite playing instrument
  • He had his own server called ‘SMPEarth’
  • Wilbur suffers from hypochondria (a condition in which a person can’t taste things properly)  and asthma
  • To perform with the Back Street Boys is his big dream
  • He does not like Tea
  • He is in love with the “Your Name” movie.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Wilbort Soot possesses all of the characteristics to be a good name in the highlights. This is the primary reason for his popularity on the Internet. This is the entire life of a famous social media celebrity. I hope you found the article interesting.

Biography Of Wilbur Soot; Shining Star Of The Internet World
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Biography Of Wilbur Soot; Shining Star Of The Internet World
If you enjoy watching videos on YouTube and are active on social media, you've probably heard of Wilbur Soot. He is a member of the Soot House YouTube channel
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