Top 5 Youtubers Who Keep Their Faces A Secret

Top 5 Youtubers Who Keep Their Faces A Secret

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  • November 4, 2023
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Youtubers’ facial reveals or lack thereof have left people curious and frustrated as to what their favorite creators look like. There is a plenty of reasons Youtubers do not want to show their face but I think it mostly due to privacy reasons for the most part. Perhaps this is because something goes wrong and they are facing a lot of negativity.

Perhaps they think that their channels become famous and people might recognize them on the street and ask for photos or autographs. Or they possibly are younger and with the advice of their parents not wanting people to know who they are. So, they remain hidden behind the screen. It’s essential to respect their privacy, but it does leave us curious about why they choose to keep their faces a secret. That is why in this blog, we will be taking a look at the top 5 Youtubers who have never shown their faces.

Corpse Husband

Name  Randall
Age 26 (as of 2023)

The first YouTuber we are going to talk about is none other than the corpse husband. Even though the real name of Corpse’s husband is still not revealed, he runs a horror story narration channel. He is 23 years old and lives in San Diego California, USA. His channel was started in 2015. He dropped out of school in the 8th grade. So, while working at many other jobs, he started his channel when he was 18 years old. With his dark voice narration and ambiance, his videos became popular very fast within a few years. 


He started getting millions of views. By 2018, he had 1 million subscribers, Today, he is ruling at the heart of more than 7 million subscribers. He uploads just in a month and each of those videos gets 20 to 25 million views which is a huge audience. So, there is a high demand for the Corpde husband to reveal his face. However, he is a very private person who does not want to show their identity. He is not waiting for the right moment.

Pals Sub

Name  Dylan
Age 28 (as of 2023)

Secondly, one of our favorite pals sub has not only shown his face or even told us his name but he has not even ever actually spoken in a video that we know of. His whole channel revolves around a voiceless character and he often uses a text-to-speech voice to commentate his video. On the internet, there is no information as to why he has made this decision. But I think it comes down to what we mentioned before that being his privacy. 


Since he is completely disconnected from his character online, he is completely able to live a normal life outside of the internet. According to his Wiki page, he is a very private individual and refers to keeping it that way. Obviously, this just being my opinion but I don’t personally ever see subduing a face or even a voice reveal. I think viewers are more accepting of this though I am sure they would love to see what he looks and sounds like. 

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Name  Jonathan Gorman Dennis
Age 36 (as of 2023)

H2ODelirious is among the most subscribed YouTubers who choose to keep their identity hidden. His channel has an impressive fan base of over 7 million subscribers. H20Delirious primarily runs a Let’s Play channel, which means he records and shares his gameplay experiences. His content mainly focuses on various games, including popular titles like Garry’s Mod (Gmod), Black Ops, and Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V).


Interestingly, in one of his most popular videos, H20Delirious pretended to reveal his face, creating quite a buzz among his fans. However, this was just a clever ruse, as in real life, he has never actually shown his face on camera. The mystery surrounding the person behind the channel remains intact, leaving fans curious about who is responsible for the mayhem and fun on his channel. It’s this enigmatic quality that adds to his allure as a content creator.

Todd In The Shadows

Name  Todd Nathanson
Age 39 years (as of 2023)

Meet Todd in the Shadows, a YouTuber known for his unique and enigmatic style. He uses this mysterious persona to keep his real identity concealed. In his videos, you’ll immediately recognize him by his shadowy appearance and his piano playing in the introduction. Todd has made a name for himself as a music critic, and he’s not one to hold back his opinions. He’s renowned for his sharp wit and clever critiques of popular songs. 


Whether a song deserves praise or criticism, Todd isn’t afraid to express his thoughts. In fact, he’s particularly known for making a compelling case for why some songs might be considered among the worst in music history. If your song ends up on Todd’s channel, you can expect candid and straightforward feedback.

Pink Sheep

Name  Not Known
Age 25 years (as of 2023)

Next on our list is a pink sheep similar to Sub, who has never shown his face nor have we heard his voice. It is becoming more common for YouTubers to use the talk-to-text robot feature in videos. I think it is kind of hilarious! Pink Sheep is not as much of a mystery though as he definitely has some relations to the other faceless, voiceless Minecraft YouTuber exploding TNT. And it is likely that the two are run by the same person. I think what is cool about these sorts of channels is that anyone can be behind them. 


Even a team of people and no one would ever know because we just connect one cartoon character or face to that channel. I think that might be a big reason why they are so popular now. Running a YouTube channel can be a lot, especially for one person. So, it makes sense there is little to no information as to why Pink Sheep keeps his information private but no one really seems to mind. As a character that started out with a robot voice in a pink sheep appearance, that is only what people know him as. 

Final Thoughts

In our exploration of the top 5 YouTubers who keep their faces a secret, we’ve found some fascinating content creators. These creators have gathered big audiences without ever showing their faces. They do this for reasons like privacy, the fun of staying mysterious, or just to have a regular life away from the camera. What’s interesting is that even without revealing their faces, people are drawn to their content. The mystery around them makes viewers want to keep watching. As online content keeps changing, it’s safe to say that people will stay curious about these YouTubers who prefer to stay faceless.

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