Sherry Dyson; All You Need To Know About The Iron-Willed  Lady

Sherry Dyson; All You Need To Know About The Iron-Willed Lady

Celebrities’ lives can occasionally be quite fascinating and illuminating for their fans because it reveals interesting factoids and motivating forces behind their professional lives. And thus, Shery Dyson’s life also might seem curious to you. Sherry was a talented mathematician who became well-known due to her husband named “Chris Gardner”, a motivational speaker and businessman. Those who have seen the movie  “The Pursuit of Happyness.” may be familiar with the main character Chris Gardner (husband of Sherry Dyson). In this article, we will take a look at all the rise and fall of the magnificent lady Sherry Dyson.

Sherry Dyson has had numerous challenges throughout her life journey, but she enjoyed her profession, concentrated on herself, made her best in the field, and used to work as a mathematician. Sherry Dyson gained fame as Chris Gardner’s ex-wife, but she also established herself as a mathematician as she educate many students in colleges and schools.

Biography Of Sherry Dyson-A Deap Look Insight

She took her birth in Richmond, Virginia, on the 1st of May,1959s. She was raised in a middle-class family with two working parents, where she developed decent manners and ethics. Her father ran the A.D. Price Funeral Home and worked as a funeral director. Her mother was an educator. We can conclude that her mother served as her inspiration for pursuing a career in teaching and mathematics. Until she entered college, she spent her teenage years living with her family in the same home.


After completing her early education in her hometown, Sherry attended the University of Michigan to pursue a degree of masters. After that, she took herself to Morgan State University to complete a degree in mathematics as she had a keen interest in mathematics and wanted to fulfill her passion for teaching.

Ancestral Background

Sherry was born and raised in a well-mannered family. Her father was a funeral director and her mother was a school teacher, she gained impassioned motivation from her mother. She experienced a terrible tragedy when she was a little child. Tragically, she lost both of her parents in a terrible accident that was the result of a human mistake.

Ethnicity and Nationality

When it comes to Sherry’s nationality, she is an American citizen and belongs to the black ethnicity. Moreover, she is descended from African Americans.


If we talk about Sherry’s siblings, there is no detailed information about her siblings because she had kept her personal life very private. However, she appears to be the only kid of her mother and father, though.

Personal Life-A Journey Worth Read

Although Sherry had expert many rise and fall in her life as her life was full of crisis. She lost her parents in her early life, but she is a true example of an iron-willed lady. She beautifully managed her life and became a brilliant inspiration for today’s people.

Fascinating Appearance

Here is the graph with the help you came to know the basic information about the ex-wife of Chris Gardner, Sherry Dyson.

Real Name  Sherry Dyson
Nick Name Not Known
Profession Mathematician
Height Not Known
Weight Not Known
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Date of birth 1 May 1949
Birthplace Virginia, a Southeastern U.S State
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Famous As Mathematician
Father Name Not Known
Mother Name Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Marital Status  Divorced
Marriage Date June 18, 1977
Husband Chris Gardner
Children Christopher Jarett Gardner Jr.(son) Jacintha Darlene (daughter)
Ethnicity Black
Religion Christian

Spouse Of Sherry 

Sherry Dyson and Chris became friends while they were both undergraduates at Harvard University in the 1970s. They began dating as a consequence of going to a movie together. Later, they consolidated households and moved about to different cities. They talked on the phone for hours each night until they were split by distance. Gardner claimed that following their last split, the phone bill once came to around $900. This gave Sherry Dyson the idea to write her own autobiography.

Sherry lived with her spouse for about 9 years. In 1977, she was hitched to Chris Gardner. Chris’ Navy friend Leon Webb performed as his groomsman during the Virginia wedding, which took place at the Dysons’ house. The two-story venue was adorned for the special occasion with southern hospitality, priceless wall art, and chandeliers. The motivational speaker also used credit to purchase a $900 marriage diamond ring for his former-wife Sherry.

At first, they were a very cheerful couple. Soon the couple was blessed with a son named  Christopher Jarret Gardner. He was born on January 28, 1981. But eventually, the couple began to live separately. Sherry and her husband, however, got a divorce in 1986. Sherry experienced significant trauma as a result of that. There are various factors that led to their breakup. To be honest, she had not enjoyed her relationship with her husband.

Rise Of Her Fame

Before separating, Mr. Gardner and lady Sherry Dyson were briefly married. Sherry first rose to prominence as the title character in the Chris Gardner-costarring movie The Pursuit of Happyness. The couple’s origins are unknown, but it’s likely that they didn’t even recognize how complicated their relationship had become at first.

 Sherry and her husband’s divorce was brought on by a number of factors, including the fact that her husband is a motivational speaker, a great businessman, and an excellent waiter. The couple wed in the year 1977 and had a courtship before getting hitched. However after three years of contented cohabitation., sadly, he informed Sherry that he did not want to live with her since he started taking interest in Jackie Medina, her student.

She became pregnant soon after she began dating Chris. she thought her devoted husband had taken an unfair decision, therefore Sherry was horrified to receive this information. After Chris, she had birth to a son. Chris goes in with his student and starts planning to be a father while she starts living separately from her spouse. In 1986, they also formally called it quits.

Sherry Dyson’s Life After Divorce

Sherry Dyson struggled with a multitude of issues throughout her life. She as a result became incredibly strong. In the end, she was willing to confront challenging circumstances. She found things to be exceedingly difficult after the divorce. because she was broken within. Not long after the divorce, she became more and more committed to her career field. She made herself dependent on her work to stay alive. Sadly, she was diagnosed with severe cancer and had been ill and unsure of what to do.

Professional Career-The Inspiration For Many

Sherry is an expert in mathematics and worked as a teacher, instructing students in a range of educational settings. Moreover, also worked at Richmond Public School while she was a teacher.

Net Worth of Sherry Dyson

As of 2021, Sherry has a net worth of $500,000. Her ex-husband Chris, who formerly battled homelessness, is currently reported to have a $70 million approximate net worth.  The Pursuit of Hapyiness, a biographical drama film based on the businessman’s autobiography of the same name, was released in theatres and gained significant media attention. Hollywood celebrity Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith starred in the project.

Sherry Dyson Death

She was happy at every phase of her life, but it was not without limitations. She put in a lot of effort day and night, and she also got very sick. With each failure in her life, she had physical depression-related symptoms. Sherry attempted to remain joyful but instead broke down emotionally. Sadly, she battled a debilitating illness in her later years. On April 7, 2000, she passed away at the age of 51.

Un-Known Facts Related To Sherry’s Life

She started her career as a mathematician

She made her work the reason why she was alive.

She lost her parents only at the age of 6

Chris Gardner (a well-known motivational speaker) was her ex-husband

She married him in the year 1977

She was badly hurt by the divorce and found the procedure to be quite challenging

Sherry actually once carried their first child. But regrettably, she miscarried at the time.

Sherry was 4 years older than her spouse Chris


She stood for much more than just a sherry bottle. She was a sharp, brave, fiercely motivated woman with a high sense of morality. We can say that she is no doubt, an iron-willed lady who did her best to be a brilliant lady and wife but unfortunately could not do so. After spending a life with a huge rise and fall, she passed away at the age of 51 (In the year 2000). Hope the article provides brief information and is helpful to your queries related to the life of the great lady Sherry Dyson.


Who is Sherry Dyson?

Sherry is the ex-wife of Chris Gardner.

Where is Sherry Dyson now?

She died on April 7, 2000, at the age of 51

What was the profession of Sherry Dyson?

Sherry was a great mathematician.

Sherry Dyson; All You Need To Know About The Iron-Willed  Lady
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Sherry Dyson; All You Need To Know About The Iron-Willed Lady
Sherry Dyson has had numerous challenges throughout her life journey, but she enjoyed her profession, concentrated on herself, made her best in the field
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