Nikki Majors; An Insight O The Life Of Los Angeles Famous Actor

Nikki Majors; An Insight O The Life Of Los Angeles Famous Actor

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The shining star of the film industry, the hearts of many, and the beauty of Los Angeles, Nikki majors is a famous actress and an elegant model. She is well known by the people for her hit moviesKeaton’s Cop and “P.S.I. Love You”. The article includes everything you might need to know about the graceful and impressive personality of Nikki Majors.

Biography of Nikki Majors – An Insight Into Her Life


Nikki Majors, good name Nikki Loren Majors was born on 15th February 1988 in California, the United States. As of 2024, she is about 35 years old. She was gifted to the American model, actor, and sweetheart Lee Majors and his ex-spouse Karen Velez.

Early Childhood And Education

Nikki Loren Major grew up in the limelight becoming the eldest daughter of the public eye actor Lee Majors. If you are crazy about astrology, then you might be interested to know about her star sign. Nikki Major was born with the zodiac sign Aquarius.

Her father was one of the biggest male stars of the 1970s known for The Six Million Dollar Man, The Scrooged, and The Fall Guy because of his character in the movies. Therefore, Nikki Major was born with the silver spoon After completing the qualification, she started her wonderful career. Because of her keen interest in modeling, fashion, and acting since childhood, Nikki has chosen this field following in her dad’s footsteps and establishing her career.

Family Background

Nikki Majors was born after espousing her father Lee Major to the model Keren Valez. Her father Lee Major was famous for her brilliant performance in the film industry. He is a former football player, soon he switched to the entertainment industry. 

He is also recognized after her breakout performance in the series Trojan War, Out Cold, Brother Solomon, and Big Fat Liar. Despite his film career, he is also an expert voice actor after voicing in a famous 2002 video game. He, the 83-year-old, still made huge in the film industry and proved that age is just a number.

Nikki’s mother, Karen Velez, was an American former model in the United States, who rose to fame after being named in the magazine as the playmate of the month in 1984. She has also appeared in several videos for Playboy and documentaries. Along with her great career as a model, she is currently a certified hypnotherapist and a master hypnotist.

Nikki Major’s father’s side grandparents Alice Yeary and Carl sadly lost their lives in a severe accident. Her father died in a job-related accident and a year later, her grandmother lost her life in a car accident. However, her grandparents divorced after some personal issues.

Nikki Major’s Siblings 

Nikki grew up with twin younger brothers, Trey Kulley Majors and Dane Luke Majors. Although Nikki is enjoying a wonderful career. Her twin brothers also rule in the hearts of many people. Nikki’s brother Dane Luke is also an actor well known for movies like Alone and Severed Road.

Moreover, her second younger brother Trey Kulley Majors, twin of Dane, is a famous model. Besides that, her half-brother Lee Major II / Lee Major Jr. also followed in the footsteps of his legendary dad. He has excelled alongside his dad in films like Bionic Woman and The Return of the Six Million Dollars.

Separation of Nikki’s Parents

Nikki Major faced a lot of mishap events, one of which was the saddening separation of her beloved parents. The story says that her parents Karen Velez and Lee Majors met in the mid-80s when Lee divorced his second spouse Farrah Fawcett.

The couple dated for some time and decided to make an official relationship in 1988. Sadly after spending some years together and giving birth to three children, some mishaps started between the couple which led to separation and getting divorced. This was the time when Nikki was only 6 and her twin brothers Trey and Dane were 2 years old enough to understand the matters.

Individual Life Of Nikki Majors – A Journey Worth Reading 


Although Nikki Major has a well-established career, she has a brilliant personal life. Here is a brief discussion about the life of beauty of Los Angeles.

Nikki Major’s Amazing Appearance

Nikki, the 34 years old fashion beauty is currently standing at the height of 5 ft 4 inches weighing 50kg. She is the beauty queen having dark brown eyes and auburn brown hair. No doubt she knows better, how to look pretty. 

Name Nikki Loren Majors
Nick Name Nikki Majors
Date of Birth 15th February 1988
Birth Place Los Angeles, California, the United States
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Age (as of 2024) about 35 years
Profession Actress
Marital Status Married

Nikki As A Better Half

In early 2013 Nikki Major and a man named Chad Krowchuk fell in love with each other and began dating. Soon they decided to make their relationship official as they got engaged in the same year. As per the latest updates, the love birds got hitched in 2014 on the 4th of August, in California.

The couple has one kid together and the happy family lives in Los Angeles, California at the current time. The cherry on top is that the couple works simultaneously in the same company. Because she is conscious of keeping the privacy of her personal life, therefore, there is no further information about her married life.

Career Life Of Nikki Majore – A Rollercoaster Ride! 

Along with her personal life, Nikki has a well-established professional life. Here is some information about how Nikki Majors started her professional life and where she is now.

Starting of Professional Career

Nikki Majors started her career at a very early age, after the appearance in the movie named ‘The Baby Story’ at only the age of four months. After that, Nikki acted in several movies and TV shows. She is well known for her character in ‘The Surreal Life, the reality show. Besides these, she has also achieved success after working in some famous shows like The Parkers, Dead Last, and Malcolm and Addie. 

Although her professional life has not reached the height that his father achieved, she is doing her best to achieve accomplishments like her dad. In addition to being a brilliant actress, she is also a model who, just like her mother, posed for a “Playboy” Cyber Club pictorial in March 2008 that was titled “Playmate Daughters.”

The philanthropy of Nikki Majors

Majors has been supporting the foundation named Starkey Hearing for a few years as it is the organization that provides aid to those people having hearing issues all over the world.

Majors has been regularly supporting the Starkey Hearing Foundation for the past few years. As she better knows how to win the hearts of the people.

What does Nikki Majors do?

Before she became an actress, Nikki Majors was a model and a spokesmodel for Valtra Valmet Corporation Australia. She has appeared in many movies and reality shows. Her mother is also a model and she has been featured in several cover photos for a few brands. Nikki Majors is a talented singer who has performed at numerous events. Moreover, she has also appeared in some famous TV series, including ‘The Two Broke Girls’ and ‘The Mentalist’.

Nikki Majors Now

Nikki Majors did not have a successful career like her father, but still, she is doing her best to get her career on top. Nowadays it seems that she has stepped back into the industry of showbiz. As she is conscious about her privacy, therefore, no one knows why she disappeared from the industry and what is going on in her life at current times.

Net Worth of Nikki Majors

Nikki Majors started her career as a model and actress in the entertainment industry. Nikki got started in the entertainment industry as a model and then as an actress. However, her disappearance from the industry makes it difficult to place her source of wealth. Thus, information about her finances and possessions is not known. 

For now, her father’s net worth is approximately equal to $15 million. At the start of his career, he was one of the most highly paid and richest actors charging about $75,000 for each T.V. serial. While the accurate value of Nikki Majors’ net worth remains unknown. But according to an estimate, her fortune is approximately $1 to $5 million as of 2024. This was incredible thanks to Nikki’s proficiency in modeling and acting.

Nikki Major’s Profile Links

Facebook Nikki Majors Facebook
Instagram @Nikkiloren74
Twitter Nikki Loren 74

Facts About Nikki’s Life


  • Nikki Majors is the agnate sister of the actress Farrah Fawcett from the first marriage of her mother
  • She was espoused to the actor Troy Davidson in the 1990s. The couple has a daughter together named Montana Majors, 19 years old now
  • She has published a book named “Chakra Balancing: Fulfill Your Soul’s Potential”. You can buy it from Amazon for 11.95.
  • She has worked as the Office Manager and Executive Assistant for Stacy Jenel Smith and Marilyn Beck since 2006. Both journalists are known for their columns on celebrity gossip and Nikki helped them continue their empire from their Hollywood Hills offices.
  • In the year 2014, giving an interview with “Famous Birthdays” she said that her mom and dad Lee Majors and Faith Majors were very supportive as they gave her a better choice to go into the field of acting.
  • She also said in this interview that her father Lee Majors was not permitting her to become an exotic dancer when she moved to Los Angeles. She said;

“He didn’t like it but at the same time he knew that it was my choice and he supported me.”

  • She is a practicing Reiki healer (a technique called palm healing or hands-on healing)
  • Many people do not know that she is a wonderful horse rider. Nikki once got a gold medal in the Junior Olympics in 2006


Nikki Majors has proved that she was born to be a shining star from a young age. Nikki also followed in the footsteps of her mother and posed for Playboy magazine of playboy in her early years. Although she has not had the brilliant career as her legendary father she has done her great to make a name for herself. She is an enthusiastic actor, model, renowned fashionista, and a great philanthropist, if I am not wrong she is a true legend.

This was all about the American beauty Nikki Majors. Hope you enjoy the article and get the answer to the queries related to the life of the Los Angeles beauty Nikki Majors.

Nikki Majors; Insight The Life Of Los Angeles Famous Actor
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Nikki Majors; Insight The Life Of Los Angeles Famous Actor
The shining star of the film industry, the hearts of many, and the beauty of Los Angeles, Nikki majors is a famous actress and an elegant model.
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