Meet The Cast Of The Culpo Sisters: Olivia, Aurora, And Sophia

Meet The Cast Of The Culpo Sisters: Olivia, Aurora, And Sophia

They’re models, musicians, entrepreneurs, and media personalities – but most importantly, they’re sisters. Meet the Culpo Sisters: Olivia, Aurora, and Sophia. These three talented women have taken the world by storm, each making their mark in their respective industries. From their stunning red carpet looks to their successful joint ventures, the Culpo Sisters have become household names. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at their careers, their personal lives, and their impact on the worlds of fashion, beauty, and entertainment. Get ready to be inspired by the Culpo Sisters – a trio of unstoppable forces who prove that with talent, hard work, and sisterly support, anything is possible.

Culpo Sisters- A Trio Of Talented And Accomplished Women

Olivia, Aurora, and Sophia Culpo are three sisters who have made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry. Olivia, the oldest sister, and aged 30 years gained fame in 2012 when she was crowned Miss Universe, becoming the first American to win the title in over a decade. Since then, she has gone on to pursue a successful career in acting and modeling, appearing in films such as “I Feel Pretty” and “American Satan”, as well as on the covers of magazines like Maxim and Sports Illustrated.

Aurora, the middle sister, who would turn 33 in the running year, is also a model and has appeared in campaigns for brands like L’Oréal and Rampage. She is known for her striking looks and unique sense of style. In addition to modeling, Aurora has dabbled in acting and has appeared in a few films and TV shows.

Sophia, the 26-year-old Culpo Sister, is a social media influencer and entrepreneur. She has amassed over 1 million followers on Instagram, where she shares her daily life, fashion tips, and beauty routines. Sophia has also launched her own line of clothing and accessories, called The Style Club.

The Culpo Sisters’ Net Worth-About Their Total Wealth

The Culpo Sisters have all achieved a great deal of success in their respective careers, and their net worth reflects their hard work and dedication. Here’s a breakdown of each sister’s estimated net worth:

The Culpo Sisters' Net Worth

Olivia Culpo

Olivia’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. This is largely due to her successful career as a model and actress, as well as her various endorsements and sponsorships. Olivia has worked with brands like DSW, Express, and Target, and has been the face of campaigns for Bulgari, L’Oréal, and Stella Artois.

Aurora Culpo

Aurora’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million. Like her older sister, Aurora has also found success as a model, appearing in campaigns for Rampage, Hollister, and other brands. She has also tried her hand at acting, with small roles in films like “Trophy Wife” and “The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde”.

Sophia Culpo

Sophia’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. While she may not have the same level of financial success as her older sisters (yet), Sophia has built a sizable following on social media, which has translated into brand partnerships and sponsorships. She has also launched her own clothing line, The Style Club, which has been successful among her followers.

Together, the Culpo Sisters have a combined net worth of approximately $7 million. While this may not be as high as some other celebrity families, it’s still an impressive amount, especially considering the sisters are all still in their 20s.

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Source Of Her Incomes

The Culpo Sisters have made their money through a variety of channels, including modeling, acting, endorsements, sponsorships, and entrepreneurship. Olivia, in particular, has been able to leverage her Miss Universe title into a successful career in the entertainment industry, while Aurora and Sophia have capitalized on their unique looks and social media savvy to build their own brands. In addition to their individual pursuits, the Culpo Sisters have also worked together on various projects, including their reality show “Model Squad” and their joint partnership with restaurant chain The Pizza Press.

The Culpo Sisters’ Show And Cast For Season 2

The Culpo Sisters have been making waves in the entertainment industry with their reality show, “The Culpo Sisters.” The show follows the three sisters as they navigate their careers and personal lives, offering fans a glimpse into their world. Here’s everything you need to know about the show and its cast for season 2:

About The Show

“The Culpo Sisters” premiered on November 7, 2022, and quickly became a hit with fans. The show is produced by Propagate for TLC and discovery+. The show follows the sisters as they pursue their dreams and navigate their personal lives. The new show The Culpo Sisters follows Olivia Culpo of Miss Universe fame and her two sisters Sophia and Aurora Culpo. They deal with relationship drama and family stress while navigating the influencer lifestyle. In season 1, viewers got to see Olivia balance these pursuits with her relationship with her boyfriend Christian McCaffrey. Moreover, for Aurora, viewers saw her navigate the ups and downs of her relationship with her ex-husband Mikey Bortone. 

Besides that, viewers enjoyed Sophia’s launching of a clothing line and dealing with the challenges of being a social media influencer. Susan is the Culpo sisters’ mother and in season 1, viewers saw her support her daughters’ pursuits and offer guidance when needed. There’s no shortage of laughter, tears, and sibling rivalry among these three especially when it comes to their careers…or stolen items of clothing. With support from their brothers and parents, the series follows the trio as they navigate through career highs and lows, love, heartbreak, and major life-changing decisions. 

Expectations For “The Culpo Sisters” Season 2

While the cast for season 2 has not been officially announced, fans can expect to see more of the Culpo sisters and their family members. Given the success of the first season, it’s likely that the show will continue to focus on the sisters’ careers and personal lives, with plenty of drama and laughs along the way. In addition to the sisters’ individual pursuits, fans may also get to see more of their joint ventures, such as their partnership with restaurant chain The Pizza Press. The good news is that If season two were to be announced, Olivia is hopeful her boyfriend Christian McCaffrey would be able to participate even more. 

The Culpo Sisters’ Fashion And Beauty Influences

The Culpo Sisters are not only known for their successful careers in modeling, music, and media but also for their influence in the world of fashion and beauty. From their iconic red carpet looks to their social media accounts, the sisters have become fashion and beauty icons in their own right. Here’s a closer look at their influence in these industries:


The Culpo Sisters are known for their fashion-forward style and have made numerous appearances on red carpets around the world. Olivia, in particular, is often praised for her chic and sophisticated style. She has been a brand ambassador for several high-end fashion brands, including Dior and Express. Aurora and Sophia also have a keen eye for fashion and have been featured in numerous fashion campaigns. 

Aurora has modeled for Hollister, Rampage, and Juicy Couture, while Sophia has launched her own clothing line and collaborated with brands such as PrettyLittleThing. In addition to their personal style, the sisters have also made an impact in the fashion industry through their joint ventures. They launched a clothing line called “Culpos x INC” in collaboration with Macy’s in 2020, and also partnered with restaurant chain The Pizza Press to launch a custom t-shirt collection.


The Culpo Sisters are not only known for their fashion sense, but also for their beauty routines. Olivia, in particular, has become a beauty icon thanks to her flawless complexion and signature red lips. She has been the face of numerous beauty campaigns, including a recent partnership with Venus razors. Aurora and Sophia are also known for their beauty routines and often share their favorite products on their social media accounts. 

Aurora has been a brand ambassador for L’Oréal Paris and has also launched her own line of hair extensions. Sophia, meanwhile, has collaborated with brands such as Charlotte Tilbury and has shared her skincare routine on her YouTube channel. The sisters have also made an impact in the beauty industry through their philanthropic efforts. They launched a campaign called “More Than A Mask” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which provided masks and other essential items to frontline workers.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, the Culpo Sisters have certainly made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry and beyond. From their modeling careers to their entrepreneurial ventures, these three women have accomplished so much at a young age, and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Whether you’re a fan of their individual careers or their joint projects, there’s no denying that the Culpo Sisters are a force to be reckoned with. We’ve covered a lot of ground in this blog, from their impressive net worth to their upcoming projects, including their highly-anticipated new show and the cast of the Culpo Sisters. We’ve also explored how they have achieved so much at such a young age and what fans can expect from the upcoming season 2. So, keep an eye out for these talented sisters as they continue to inspire and impress us all.

Meet The Culpo Sisters - Olivia, Aurora, And Sophia
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