Max Scherzer; Personal and Professional Life Of The American Baseball Pitcher

Max Scherzer; Personal and Professional Life Of The American Baseball Pitcher

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Champion of baseball Max Scherzer, known by the nickname ‘Mad Max’, took his first breath on July 27, 1984, in St. Louis, Missouri, the United States. Max Scherzer’s strong performance increased the number of his supporters and he became a famous and more famous player of ‘The Dodgers Team’ of Los Angeles. The 39-years-old professional baseball player is establishing his superiority in the world of baseball, nowadays. The article includes everything you might need to know about the star Max Scherzer.

The Life of Max Scherzer – An Overview

He was born in a Christian family and raised by his mother Jan Scherzers, and father Brad Scherzer. Alex, his brother was living in his house and loved to explore new baseball tricks, but sadly he committed suicide in 2012. Scherzer knows the sabermetric values of his beloved brother and dedicates all his starting to his dearest brother, since his death. Max Scherzer loved sports since his childhood. As baseball is his favorite sport, therefore, he decided to start his career in baseball and now he is known as the best baseball pitcher. 


Max Scherzer said;

“It’s always, ‘No matter what the outing is, you can always find a way to be a better pitcher. No matter what you do”

Early Childhood And Education

He was born in St. Louis residency in Chesterfield, Missouri. He played baseball, basketball, and football at Central School, Parkway, present in his birthplace. In 2003 his coach Ricky selected him in the 43rd round of Major League baseball but he did not accept this offer and started attending the Missouri University in Columbia, to complete his graduation. In early life, he was a big fan of Bob Gibson (an American professional baseball pitcher for the St. Louis Cardinals), as he says, Gibson has been his ideal since his childhood. On the death of Bob Gibson, Max Scherzer tweeted;

“That was my dad’s favorite pitcher. I’m definitely going to give that ball to him,” Scherzer said after the game. “For me as a kid, growing up, [Gibson] was one of my idols. I did book reports on his left and right. I know so much about his career and what he meant to the St. Louis Cardinals organization, obviously what he meant to my dad, and to me. To pass him, that’s a huge thing for me personally.”

The Physique Of The Star

Height 6 ft. 3inches
Weight 215 lb
Eye color 1 blue eye and 1 brown eye
Hair color Brown

Married Life Of The Pitcher

Along with his good career, Max is enjoying a happy married life too. He espoused the love of his life, Erica Scherzer. Max and his beloved wife; both are pitchers of baseball, at Missouri University, Columbia. His wife Erica stopped playing due to some heart disease. The couple has a son and three daughters. He is equally good at managing his personal life, thus Max, his wife, and his kids are going through a stable life.

Max Scherzer and Erica, both are socially active. In the “Scherzer Superstar” event, they both coordinated with the foundation of the Detroit Tigers. He is also the ambassador of The Polaris Project, the purpose of which is to stop human trafficking. Also, they are involved with HRA(pet adoption and training service). 

Professional Life Of The Star 


Along with his personal life, Max’s professional life is brilliant too. He is a successful baseball player, having many achievements and accomplishments. Previously, he played Major League Baseball (MLB) for the Detroit Tigers, Arizona Diamondbacks, Washington Nationals, and Los Angeles Dodgers. Scherzer, the right-handed pitcher, remained an MLB star, eight times and also won the Young Award Cy. As well as, in 2019, he won the National World Series. Max Scherzer says that; “You either get better or you get worse. Those are the only two options”

Max Scherzer’s Net worth 

According to the latest update, his net worth is approximately equal to $120 million as of 2024. As per current information, he is probably the World’s Highest paid athlete in the year 2015. In December 2021, Max signed a three-year contract of 150,000 dollars for three years, with The Met of New York. The average value of this contract is 43.3 million dollars which is the largest value in the history of MLB. Also, he signed 210 million dollars of a 7-year contract with Washington National, in January 2016.

Max Scherzer’s Career Earnings

Here is the list of his career earnings from the year 2006 till now

Earnings Year
2006 3,000,000$
2007 950,000$
2008 950,000$
2009 1,450,000$
2010 950,000$
2011 600,000$
2012 3,750,000$
2013 6,725,000$
2014 15,525,000$
2015 15,175,000$
2016 15,100,000$
2017 15,100,000$
2018 15,100,000$
2019 15,100,000$
2020 15,100,000$
2021 15,100,000$
2022 15,100,000$
2022* 43,333,333$

Max Scherzer’s Salary (2024)

As Max Scherzer is a professional baseball player, therefore, he earns much more, as the earlier contracts of his career have helped him to reach an unbelievable net worth. Currently, he owns the best ever in sports. As of the updates of 2024, his net worth is approximately equal to $120 million as well as his annual salary is approximately 45 million dollars.

The Teams Of The Limelight of the Baseball Pitcher


From the year 2008 till now, he played for the team Arizona Diamondbacks, then he participated in the team Detroit Tigers, he played for the team Washington National, and participated in the team, Los Angeles.

Max Scherzer vs Braves

As he played a lot of matches against many players his winnings, as opposed to the team Brave’s players, are admirable. He made 11-9 points with a 3.77 Earned Run Average (ERA) and strikeouts of 194 in twenty-eight appearances during his career. Also, he made 13-9 with a 3.69 Earned Run Average (ERA) and strikeouts of 213 in thirty appearances against the Atlanta Braves throughout his athletic career.

Max Scherzer says;

“Any time I’ve put extra work in, I see results.”

Also, he says;

“The expectations and pressure do not mean you change. That’s something that’s always been installed in me, and doesn’t matter what the situation or what the game means, I’m always going to approach the game the same way.”

Max Scherzer and Nolan Ryan

Since 1961, according to the Play Index of baseball reference, 47 pitchers have accumulated 97 gaming scores which is no doubt a higher score, over the pitch of nine innings. In the same season only three have produced two games, they are

  • Pedro Martinez
  • Max Scherzer
  • Nolan Ryan

Stats of Max Scherzer

Game IP H R
23 August 2022 at Yankees 6.2 7 4
18 August 2022 at Braves 6.1 3 4
13 August 2022 vs Phillies 7.0 9 1
Regular Season 115.2 88 32
Career (2008-2022) 2,652.1 2160 991

Awards and Achievements Of Max

If we discuss his awards and accomplishments, then he has got many awards until now.

Name of awards Times Date
All MLB team selectee 2 2019,21
The sporting news starting pitcher of the year 4 2013,16,17,21
Players choice award 3 2013,17,21
Pitcher of the month 6 2015,17,18,19
MLB All-Star award 8 2013-19,21
Ensurance MLB 1 2015,16
CY Young award 3 2013,16,17
Baseball Digest (Pitcher of the year) 2 2013,21

League Statistical Leader

Category Times Date
Betters faced 2 2015,18
Fielding Independent pitching 1 2019
Hits by pitch 1 2018
Home runs allowed 1 2016
Shutouts 2 2016,18
Strikeouts 3 2016-18
Walk plus Hits per inning pitched 5 2013,2016-18,21
Wins 4 2013,14,16,18
Bases on balls per nine innings pitched 1 2021
Complete games 3 2015,17,18
Games started 2 2015,16
Hits per nine innings allowed 3 2017,18,21
Innings pitched 2 2016,18
Strikeout-to-walk ratio 4 2015,16,18,19
Strikeout per nine innings pitched 3 2012,18,19
Winnings percentage 1 2013
Wins above replacements 2 2016,17

MLB Records And Other Distinctions

  • Most strikeouts in one nine-inning game (20–tied, on May 11, 2016)
  • Most game scores of 100 or higher in one season (2, in 2015)
  • Fewest innings to reach 100 strikeouts in one season (63, on May 19, 2018)
  • Fewest innings to reach 15 strikeouts in one game (6+1⁄3, on May 12, 2018
  • Most consecutive batters retired in relief appearance as MLB debut (13, on April 29, 2008)
  • Third-fewest innings to reach 2,000 strikeouts (1,784, on June 11, 2017)
  • Fourth pitcher with four consecutive seasons of 250 or more strikeouts (2017)
  • Fifth pitcher to achieve two immaculate inning
  • Fifth pitcher to achieve 100 double-digit strikeout games (May 8, 2021)
  • 35th pitcher to reach 2,500 career strikeouts (2019)
  • 19th pitcher to reach 3,000 career strikeouts (September 12, 2021)

Other Achievements

 Two no-hitters pitched in one season

  1. versus the Pittsburgh Pirates on June 20, 2015
  2. versus the New York Mets on October 3, 2015

 Three immaculate innings pitched

  1. versus the Philadelphia Phillies on May 14, 2017
  2. versus the Tampa Bay Rays on June 5, 2018
  3. versus the San Diego Padres on September 12, 2021

Some Other Hit Milestones Of Max Scherzer

Some of the milestones of Scherzer are

20 strikeouts in a single game

He said; 

“Tonight, at the end of the night, was a special night,” Scherzer said. “Because, I mean, the strikeouts are sexy. And to be able to punch out 20 — it’s sexy.” 

98 double-digits strikeout game

He said;

 “It’s a really cool feat to be able to say you passed somebody like Sandy Koufax in anything,” Scherzer said. “The fact that I was able to do that, that’s awesome.” 

300 strikeouts in a season

He said;

 “I wouldn’t say it was a goal,” Scherzer said. “It was just something as I solidified myself in the big leagues and showed I was able to get to those marks. It was something I dreamed of, reaching this mark because I know how hard it is to consistently go out there and strike guys out.” 

Some Interesting Facts About Max Scherzer

  • Everyone has some facts that they cannot live without, and for Max, it is scuba diving! In 2011, he first went diving in the Great Barrier and bowled away from the experience. He loves it so much that he has especially scuba diving permission in the contract that he signed in 2015, with Nats.
  • Scherzers also have some guilty pleasures, just like us! These are ‘desserts’! Max loves cheesecake, chocolate, and brownies so much that he avoids eating them altogether. He says;

 “If I have one, I will have 10 and wow we feel seen.”


Scherzer is an excellent pitcher and a role model for aspiring baseball players. He works hard to achieve his current status. This is all about the life of Max Scherzer; the legendary player. Hope you enjoy the article and get the answer to your queries related to the life of Max Scherzer.

Max Scherzer; Personal and Professional Life Of The American Baseball Pitcher
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Max Scherzer; Personal and Professional Life Of The American Baseball Pitcher
Champion of baseball Max Scherzer, known by the nickname ‘Mad Max’, took his first breath on July 27, 1984, in St. Louis, Missouri, the United States
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