Behind The Scenes Of The Judge Mathis Family Show; What You Didn’t Know

Behind The Scenes Of The Judge Mathis Family Show; What You Didn’t Know

Are you ready to dive into a world of family drama, secrets, and unexpected twists? Then get ready to hear about the Mathis Family Matters, where every member has a story to tell. From the fiercely independent matriarch to the black sheep of the family, each Mathis has their own set of challenges and triumphs. So grab a seat and get ready to explore the tangled web of relationships and mysteries that make up the Mathis family tree.

The Mathis Family’s Background-What Made Them Stronger

The Mathis family has become an essential part of the Judge Mathis brand, with their involvement in the show and the spinoff “Mathis Matters.” But before they became television personalities, the Mathis family had a background in Michigan, where they grew up and built their lives.

Growing Up In Detroit

Judge Greg Mathis was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, where he faced many challenges in his early life. He was a high school dropout and spent time in jail before turning his life around and becoming a judge. His wife Linda is also from Detroit, and the couple has been married since 1985. The couple has four children: Greg Jr., Camara, Amir, and Jade. Growing up in Detroit, the Mathis children were exposed to the entertainment industry through their parents’ involvement in local theatre productions. They also faced challenges growing up in a tough city, but they persevered and pursued their dreams.

Involvement In The Entertainment Industry

All of the Mathis children have had involvement in the entertainment industry in some way. Greg Jr. pursued acting and has appeared in several TV shows and movies. Camara has worked as a producer on several TV shows, including “Judge Mathis” and “Mathis Matters.” Amir and Jade have also worked behind the scenes in various capacities. The Mathis family’s involvement in the entertainment industry has been a significant part of their background and has contributed to their success. They have been able to showcase their talents and creativity while also contributing to the Mathis family’s brand and legacy.

The Mathis Family On “Judge Mathis”-The Best Moments

The Mathis family has been a prominent part of the Judge Mathis show since its inception in 1999. Judge Greg Mathis’ wife Linda and their children have all appeared on the show, and their involvement has contributed to the show’s success.


Appearances On The Show

Linda Mathis has made occasional appearances on the show as the judge’s wife. She has been a supportive partner to Judge Mathis throughout his career and has played an essential role in their family’s success. Judge Mathis’s children have also appeared on the show, with Greg Jr. and Camara working as producers and Amir and Jade working as production assistants. Their involvement behind the scenes has helped to shape the show’s direction and contribute to its success.

The Mathis Family’s Impact On The Show

The Mathis family’s involvement in the show has been a significant part of its success. Their contributions behind the scenes have helped to shape the show’s direction and ensure its continued success. The family’s involvement has also allowed them to showcase their individual talents and creativity. Furthermore, the Mathis family’s involvement has contributed to the show’s overall appeal, as viewers have been able to connect with the family and relate to their experiences. The family’s presence on the show has helped to create a sense of familiarity and comfort for viewers, making it easier for them to engage with the show’s content.

Mathis Matters” Spinoff Show-What To Expect From New Show

“Mathis Matters” is a spinoff show of the popular courtroom show, “Judge Mathis.” The show features the Mathis family, including Judge Mathis’ wife Linda and their children, as they tackle a variety of social issues and topics relevant to their community. Here’s a closer look at the show and what viewers can expect.

The Format Of The Show

Mathis Matters” takes a different format than “Judge Mathis.” Rather than a courtroom setting, the show features the Mathis family discussing social issues and topics in a roundtable format. The show aims to tackle topics such as police brutality, gun violence, and other pressing issues affecting their community.

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The Involvement Of The Mathis Family

The Mathis family’s involvement in “Mathis Matters” is significant, with all members contributing to the show in some way. Judge Mathis acts as the moderator, guiding the conversations and sharing his insights. Linda and their children, Greg Jr., Camara, Amir, and Jade, all participate in the discussions, sharing their perspectives and experiences.

About Judge Mathis’s New Shows

According to a press statement from Allen Media Group, Mathis, who is best known for hosting the popular reality courtroom drama “Judge Mathis,” has been chosen to host the upcoming series “Mathis Court with Judge Mathis.” Following more than 20 seasons, “Judge Mathis” and “The People’s Court” will be ending their broadcasts. The termination of “Judge Mathis” was followed immediately by the announcement of Mathis’ newest television endeavour.  A source with knowledge of the situation who was not authorized to talk publicly told USA TODAY in February 2023 that the show will end after its 24th season. The show’s final season is presently airing new episodes. “Mathis Family Matters,” Mathis’ other reality television program, debuted on E! In June 2022 and features he and his spouse, Linda Reese, as they navigate life with their kids and grandkids.

Judge Mathis’ Kids And Their Careers-A Family Of Trailblazers

Judge Greg Mathis is not only a successful television personality, but he is also a proud father of four children. All of his children have pursued their careers, and some have even followed in their father’s footsteps.

Jade-The Elder One

Jade has pursued a career in fashion. She has launched her fashion line, called “JaDe by Jay Mathis,” which features a collection of women’s clothing and accessories. She has also appeared on her father’s show to talk about her fashion line and her passion for entrepreneurship.

Camara-The Second Daughter

Camara is the second child of Judge Mathis, and she has pursued a career in law. She earned her law degree from Howard University School of Law and has worked as a criminal defence attorney. She has also appeared on her father’s show as a guest commentator on legal issues.

Greg Jr.-Third Child

Greg Jr. is the third child of Judge Mathis, and he has worked in various roles behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. He has served as a producer on his father’s show, “Judge Mathis,” and has also worked on other television shows and movies.

Amir-The Youngest One

Amir is the youngest child of Judge Mathis, and he has pursued a music career. He is a rapper and has released several singles and music videos. He has also performed on his father’s show and has expressed his gratitude for his support in his music career.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the Mathis family and the various iterations of the Judge Mathis show have captivated audiences for years. From the family drama and intrigue to the inspiring journey of Judge Greg Mathis himself, there is no shortage of interesting stories to explore. The Mathis family’s humble beginnings rise to success, and complex relationships provide a fascinating glimpse into the human experience. Meanwhile, the Judge Mathis show has become a cultural touchstone, offering a unique blend of entertainment and education. As Judge Mathis continues to inspire and enlighten audiences with his new shows, we can only hope that the Mathis family’s legacy will continue to shape the legal and entertainment worlds for years to come.

Behind The Scenes Of The Judge Mathis Family Show; What You Didn't Know
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Behind The Scenes Of The Judge Mathis Family Show; What You Didn't Know
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