Maria Victoria Henao- The Untold Story Of Pablo Escobar’s Wife

Maria Victoria Henao- The Untold Story Of Pablo Escobar’s Wife

Have you ever wondered why someone would stay with a person who’s been labeled a monster? Maria Victoria Henao, the child bride of the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar, faced these questions countless times. “Why I Stayed Married To Pablo Escobar” is a captivating tale of love and complexity, as she recounts her extraordinary journey. In a world that saw Escobar as a ruthless criminal, Maria Victoria Henao saw her prince charming, her protector. Join us as we delve into the remarkable life of Maria Victoria Henao, who shared an enduring bond with Pablo Escobar, and discover the astonishing reasons that kept her by his side through thick and thin.

Maria Victoria’s Birthday-Age, Siblings, And More

Maria Victoria Henao was born in the year 1961 in a small village called Palmira, nestled in the heart of Colombia. This means that she celebrated her 62nd birthday in 2023. Her birthdate, however, remains a closely guarded secret, possibly due to the desire for privacy in the wake of her tumultuous past.


Palmira, the place where Maria Victoria Henao took her first breath, is a picturesque town known for its lush landscapes and vibrant culture. Growing up in this close-knit community must have played a role in shaping her character and values.


Maria Victoria Henao was not alone in her journey through life. She had the companionship of two siblings who shared her childhood and experiences. While their names and details remain relatively obscure in public records, the bond she formed with her brothers and sisters undoubtedly contributed to her resilience and strength in later years.

Relationship With Pablo Escobar


Maria Victoria Henao’s relationship with the infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar was a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and danger. This section delves deeper into the intricacies of their union, highlighting the highs and lows of her life as the wife of one of the most notorious criminals in history.

Affection Amidst Chaos

Despite the notoriety that surrounded Pablo Escobar and his criminal empire, Maria Victoria viewed him through a different lens. To her, he was not just a criminal mastermind; he was her prince charming. In her book titled “My Life with Pablo,” she describes him as “affectionate” and a “gentleman.” Pablo’s ability to make her feel like a fairy princess and convince her that he is her Prince Charming speaks to the complex nature of their relationship.

Secrets And Lies

During the early years of their marriage, Pablo kept the true nature of his criminal activities hidden from Maria. While suspicions began to arise due to his extended absences and sudden wealth, she remained unaware of the extent of his drug empire. It wasn’t until his arrest in 1977 that the full truth was unveiled before her eyes. The revelation of her husband’s illicit activities plunged her into a world of danger and uncertainty.

Extramarital Affairs

Pablo Escobar was known for his numerous extramarital affairs, with Colombian journalist Virginia Vallejo being one of the most notable. Maria Victoria Henao, despite her love for him, had to grapple with the heartbreak and betrayal caused by his infidelity. This aspect of their relationship added further complexity to an already tumultuous union.

Constant Fear And Danger

Throughout their 17-year relationship, Maria Victoria Henao lived in constant fear. Her husband’s involvement in criminal activities, including the assassination of Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla and presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galán, exposed her to unimaginable risks. She knew that she and her children were in danger from her husband’s enemies, and this fear was a constant companion.

Pablo’s Demise And Maria’s Escape

As the noose tightened around Pablo Escobar, he foresaw his imminent demise. In a bid to protect Maria and their children, he urged her to flee to a safe location under government protection. This decision ultimately saved her life, as Pablo met his end in a dramatic shootout with Colombian police on a rooftop.

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Did Maria Know About Pablo’s Criminal Activities?

The question of whether Maria Victoria Henao was aware of her husband Pablo Escobar’s criminal activities has long intrigued observers. Maria herself vehemently insisted that she was kept in the dark about the extent of her husband’s illegal dealings. Her claims were supported by multiple written and recorded statements. In her book, “My Life with Pablo,” she asserted that she remained oblivious to the true nature of Pablo’s activities, even as he expanded his cocaine empire.

However, the story takes a dramatic turn when Maria discovers the shocking truth. It was when Pablo was taken into custody, and she entered their bedroom after his arrest. There, she found a large suitcase on the bed, its contents spilling over—bundles of cash and bags full of white powder. This revelation shattered any remaining illusions she had about her husband’s criminal pursuits.

The debate about Maria’s knowledge of Pablo’s activities persists. Some argue that she was a gullible young girl who genuinely didn’t know the extent of her husband’s criminality when she married him. Others suggest that as the years passed and she grew older, she became complicit in the lavish lifestyle funded by the drug trade, making it increasingly difficult for her to extricate herself from the dangerous world in which she was ensnared. The truth, perhaps, lies somewhere in between, a complex web of love, deception, and survival in the midst of one of the most notorious criminal enterprises in history.

Life Of Maria After Pablo’s Death

After the death of Pablo Escobar, Maria Victoria Henao, and her family faced life in hiding. To escape the constant threats to their safety, Maria changed her name to María Isabel Santos Caballero, hoping to stay under the radar.

The Silent Years

For a period, the world had no knowledge of their whereabouts. While the Colombian population celebrated Escobar’s downfall, Maria and her children were forced to live in silence, far from the public eye.

A Fragile Return To Colombia

As time passed, Maria began to consider the possibility of returning to her homeland, Colombia. However, this decision was fraught with danger, as she was aware that many still sought revenge against her family.

The 1999 Arrest

In 1999, their newfound sense of security was shattered when the police received an anonymous tip revealing Maria’s location in Argentina. The authorities took Maria and her children into custody, accusing them of theft and money laundering.

Insufficient Evidence

Following a grueling 15-month investigation, authorities ultimately concluded that there was insufficient evidence to support these charges. As a result, Maria and her children were released, allowing them to continue their lives in relative obscurity.

Maria’s Revelation

During her life, Maria had seen the inside of many prisons, but she revealed that the Colombian prisons were among the worst she had ever experienced.

A Home In Buenos Aires

After her release in 2005, Maria decided to make a home for herself and her family in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Despite the challenges they faced, she was determined to provide a safe and stable environment for her children.

Another Arrest In 2018

In 2018, Maria and her son found themselves in legal trouble once again. Along with former Colombian soccer player Mauricio Serna, they were accused of acting as intermediaries in Argentina for Colombian drug trafficker José Piedrahita to launder money through real estate and a cafe known for its tango performances.

The Ongoing Struggles

Maria Victoria Henao’s life has been far from ordinary. Despite the passing years and the end of her life with Pablo Escobar, she continues to face challenges and legal troubles that are inextricably linked to her past.

Her Two Children Juan And Manuela- Their Paths

Maria and Pablo’s firstborn, Juan Pablo Escobar, took a bold step to distance himself from his notorious father’s legacy. He changed his name to Sebastián Marroquín, adopting an entirely new identity. Instead of following in his father’s criminal footsteps, he pursued a career as a professional architect.

Speaking Out Against His Father’s Legacy

Sebastián Marroquín not only reinvented his identity but also used his voice to speak out against his father’s criminal activities. Despite the stigma surrounding his family, he met with many of his father’s victims, expressing remorse and understanding their pain. His commitment to addressing the consequences of his father’s actions is evident in his participation in a documentary about Pablo Escobar’s life.

Authorship And Family Life

Sebastián Marroquín penned the book “Pablo Escobar: My Father” under his birth name, shedding light on the complex relationship he had with his infamous father. He has since built a life for himself, raising two children, Juan Emilio Escobar and Santiago Montoya, and distancing himself from the shadows of his family’s past.

Manuela Escobar – A Life Away From The Spotlight


On the other hand, Manuela Escobar, the younger sibling, chose a different path. There is limited information available about Manuela Escobar, as she deliberately chose to live a private life away from the spotlight. However, she decided to keep her birth name and stayed away from the public eye. When their real identities were exposed during a money laundering case in 1999, Manuela had to stop attending school, and her mother took on the role of homeschooling her.

Maria Victoria Henao’s Book- ‘Mrs. Escobar: My Life With Pablo’

Maria Victoria Henao’s book, titled “Mrs. Escobar: My Life with Pablo,” is a powerful memoir that provides a unique and intimate perspective on her life as the wife of one of the most notorious criminals in history, Pablo Escobar. In her book, Maria delves into the complexities of her relationship with Pablo Escobar, shedding light on the reasons she chose to stay by his side despite his criminal activities and the chaos that surrounded them. 

She offers readers a glimpse into the emotional turmoil she experienced as she grappled with her love for a man who was responsible for countless crimes. The memoir not only explores her personal journey but also serves as a means for Maria to share her side of the story with her children and grandson, ensuring that they understand her perspective and the tumultuous life they lived.

Has Maria Victoria Henao Died?

As of 2023, Maria Victoria Henao, who was formerly known as Maria Escobar, continues to maintain a low-profile life, residing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over the years, she has embraced a quiet and private existence, far removed from the tumultuous world she once knew as the wife of Pablo Escobar. It’s reported that she shares her living space with her children and Pablo’s mother in a modest apartment. However, the news of Maria Victoria’s death is not more than rumors.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Maria Victoria Henao’s life is a remarkable tale of love, complexity, and resilience. She shared an enduring bond with the infamous Pablo Escobar, standing by his side through the highs and lows of their tumultuous relationship. Her story challenges us to understand the complexities of her choices and the enduring power of love, even in the midst of extraordinary circumstances. As of 2023, Maria Victoria Henao continues to live a quiet, low-profile life in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with her children and Pablo’s mother, a testament to her determination to build a new life after the turbulent chapters of her past.

Maria Victoria Henao- The Untold Story Of Pablo Escobar's Wife
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Maria Victoria Henao- The Untold Story Of Pablo Escobar's Wife
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