The Untold Life Story Of Manny Gutierrez-The Star Of The Makeup World

The Untold Life Story Of Manny Gutierrez-The Star Of The Makeup World

Even if options like software design and treatment (medical) offer fantastic opportunities for teenagers to pursue their professions, very few people nowadays choose to work in the makeup industry. Manny Gutierrez, a makeup artist, on the other hand, left a lucrative career to engage in the fashion industry. He is currently ruling in many people’s hearts and is popularly known as a fashion blogger as well as a makeup expert. 

Being the very first man spokesperson for the well-known makeup company “Maybelline” with headquarters in New York brought him enormous renown. Prior to being famous, he first became interested in makeup while seeing his mother apply it as a child. After a few years, he began working at Sephora and MAC. He started his personal YouTube channel in July 2014 and uploaded vlogs, haul videos, make-up lessons, and beauty advice. Manny was included in Forbes’ yearly ranking of “30 under 30” in the area of Arts and Style in 2018.

Manny Mua Biography-Start Of His Life

Manny Gutierrez was born with the nickname Many Mua on April 2, 1991, to a loving Mormon family. He is of Mexican-American descent from San Diego, California, a city known for its diversity. His sign is the ram (Aries) and was raised according to Mormon values. He attended medical school but left to pursue a career in the beauty business. Manny once considered training to be a plastic surgeon. Instead, he started to work at MAC and Sephora shops to earn money. Later on, he started working as a makeup artist. The youthful audience like the looks and fashions he designs. Aaron and Nick, the star’s younger siblings, are also famous.

Handsome Appearance

Manny has dark brown hair and green eyes. He stands 6 feet tall and weighs 65 kilos (183 lb). He is a ruler in the hearts of his supporters because of his thin build.

Full Name Manny Gutierrez
Nick Name Manny MUA
Date Of Birth April 4, 1991,
Famous As Youtube Star
Zodiac Sign Aries
Age 31 years (as of 2023)
Net worth $2 million
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Birth Place California, the US
Qualification Graduation
College San Diego University
Father Name Manny Gutierrez Senior
Mother Name Greka Gutierrez
Siblings Aaron and Nick
Marital Status Unmarried

Manny Gutierrez’s Girlfriend

Manny Gutierrez

The guy is gay and unmarried and makes the decision to keep his intimate matters private. There is no data available showing who is seeing whom as a consequence. Additionally, there is no information on his previous engagements. There are no rumors or comments about him. The free-spirited person wants to concentrate on his career above controversy since he dislikes being the subject of gossip and scandal. He did, however, publicly settle the conflict in a YouTube video. Regarding Manny’s gender, he is openly gay and doesn’t have any romantic relationships.

Professional Career Of Manny-Rise To Stardom

Currently, he is a YouTuber and has held positions at MAC and Sephora before joining YouTube. He made the decision to start the Channel on youtube Manny Mau earlier that same year, on 17 July 2014, with the aim of making makeup available to everyone and gender neutral. Over 493 million people are current subscribers to his Youtube account. His YouTube output also consists of awesome videos of makeup and grooming tutorials, reviews, dares, and tags. 

His YouTube channel increased to approximately 235,00 subscribers in much less than eight months. On June 21, 2018, he created Manny MWAH Vlogs, his other YouTube channel. His films and life-related vlogs are shared on this channel in chili form. He also has a huge following on his Twitter Profile and Instagram sites, making him a great social media celebrity. 

Youtube Career

His social media sites have thousands of fans thanks to his adorable looks, personal experiences, storytime youtube videos, and attitude. Manny continues to frequently post films about his daily life, including vlogs and lessons for applying makeup. Most recently, he and Laura Lee started the podcast “Fool Coverage.” Additionally, he was chosen as the Maybelline spokesperson and established his own brand name called Lunar Beauty through which he develops cosmetics. 

It is not necessary to hunt for justifications in order to understand what makes Mua special. Since the beginning of his channel, he constantly made an effort to be adventurous and unique. He consistently tries new makeup ideas instead of sticking to tried-and-true styles, which is quite enticing to teenagers. He feels that there is a lot of women’s discrimination in the fashion industry. He claims that women run the business and that men have a hard time keeping up with the latest fashions. He imagines the time when he will be able to break this routine.


Manny Gutierrez always favored avoiding any sort of controversy. He enjoys getting along with other YouTube stars and vloggers and together he keeps up a business relationship. Many young people view him as a youth icon because of his decision to forego a potential medical career in favor of an unconventional career in makeup. To young people, he always has one piece of advice: “Follow your heart and just follow your heart.”

Manny Gutierrez’s Net Worth

As of January 2023, M. Gutierrez is anticipated to possess a net worth of about $2 million. There is presently no information accessible on his career, car, or house aside from that. His well-known YouTube channels, cosmetics line, social media presence, and other promotional strategies all contribute to his wealth.

Some Unknown Facts About Manny Mua

  • He previously held positions at Sephora and MAC before finding fame as a cosmetics YouTuber.
  • He launched his well-known YouTube channel in July 2014, and since then, his videos have received over 4 billion views.
  • He has been identified as having the skin ailment vitiligo, which is typified by spots on the skin that are losing pigment.
  • He has the honor of becoming the first male to be chosen to front a marketing campaign for Maybelline, a major cosmetics company.

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What is the age of Manny MUA?

Manny Mua with the good name Manny Gutierrez is of 31 years (as of 2023).

How did Manny become famous?

He first gained fame for his well-liked and personable YouTube videos before becoming one of the pioneering men’s makeup experts as well as CEO and founder of Lunar Beauty cosmetic band.

Is Manny Gutierrez married?

As of now, Manny is openly gay ad did not married yet.

Who are the parents of Manny MUA?

Manny took his birth on 4 April 1991 to Manny Gutierrez Senior (father) and Greka Gutierrez (mother).

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