Lisa Pemberton And Paul Anka Relationship- Love, Life, And More

Lisa Pemberton And Paul Anka Relationship- Love, Life, And More

In the world of celebrated singer Paul Anka, it’s often said that the third time’s the charm. After enduring two marriages that ended in divorce, Paul found his true soulmate in Lisa Pemberton. Their love story, born out of a six-year courtship, culminated in a joyful union in 2016. But who exactly is Lisa Pemberton, the woman who captured Paul’s heart as his third wife?

Lisa Pemberton Bio In A Quick Glance

Name Lisa Pemberton
Birth Date July 15, 1953
Gender Female
Age 70 years old
Profession Makeup Artist And Model
Height  5 ft 7 inches
Weight 66 kg
Net worth $2 to $5 million

Lisa Pemberton Age-Early Life And Education

In the intriguing story of Lisa Pemberton, her early life emerges as a closely guarded secret. Born on July 15, 1953, in Ontario, Canada, Lisa’s formative years were spent away from the prying eyes of the public. Her parents, Dorothy and Ron Pemberton played essential roles in shaping the woman she would become.

Lisa Pemberton Height

Lisa Pemberton possesses an undeniable presence. Standing tall at approximately 5 feet and 7 inches (about 170.18 cm), she exudes confidence and grace. She maintains a healthy and balanced physique, with her weight estimated at around 66 kilograms. This balanced height-to-weight ratio contributes to her overall appeal. 

A Scholar’s Path

While Lisa’s early life remains veiled in secrecy, her educational journey offers a window into her intellectual pursuits. She embarked on her higher education at Carleton University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology and human relations. 

A Quest For Knowledge

Pemberton’s thirst for knowledge didn’t stop with her bachelor’s degree. She furthered her education by enrolling in UC Berkeley School, where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Public Health. After obtaining her bachelor’s degree, Lisa directed her talents toward a career as a counselor for adolescents. This profession reflects her dedication to empowering and supporting the younger generation. Her work in this capacity continued until 1977, marking a significant chapter in her life.

Paul Anka And Lisa Pemberton – Marriage And Family

The union of Paul Albert Anka and Lisa Pemberton marks the culmination of a unique love story. Paul, a prominent American-Canadian singer and songwriter, found his true soulmate in Lisa. After two previous marriages that ended in divorce, their relationship was an example of the belief that the third time’s the charm.


Years Of Courtship And Marriage

Before taking their vows in 2016, Paul and Lisa enjoyed a six-year courtship. This period of getting to know each other laid the foundation for a strong and enduring partnership. After that, the couple’s wedding day was a momentous occasion. They tied the knot in a splendid ceremony held at the Four Seasons in Los Angeles, California. 

Shared Parenthood

While Lisa and Paul do not have children together, Lisa has embraced the role of a loving stepmother to Paul’s six children from previous relationships. Her stepchildren, named Ethan, Amanda, Alicia, Amelia, Alexandra, and Anthea Anka, have found a caring and supportive figure in Lisa. 

Previous Marriages

Paul Anka’s marital history includes two previous marriages. His first marriage was to Anne de Zogheb, the daughter of a Lebanese diplomat, from 1963 to 2001. They shared five daughters named Anthea, Amelia, Alicia, Alexandra, and Amanda. In 2008, Paul married his personal trainer, Anna Aberg, before divorcing in 2010 and gaining full custody of their son, Ethan. Lisa, Paul’s third wife, embarked on a new chapter in Paul’s life in 2016. 


However, according to the latest updates, Lisa Pemberton split from Paul in the year 2020. Now the question raised is Paul Anka still married? The answer according to the reports is No! The actor and singer, as of now, spending his life alone somewhere in Canada.

Lisa’s Net Worth- The Luxury Of Love And Success

Lisa Pemberton, well-recognized as the wife of the renowned American-Canadian singer, Paul Anka, enjoys a life filled with both love and success. While her exact net worth remains somewhat mysterious, it’s clear that her journey alongside her famous husband has brought her financial prosperity. According to various sources, her net worth is estimated to be between $2 to $5 million as of 2023.

Did Lisa Pemberton And Paul Anka’s Love Story Defy The Odds?

In our exploration of Lisa Pemberton and Paul Anka’s journey, we find a unique love story that goes against the norm. Born from a six-year courtship and culminating in a 2016 wedding, is it proof that the third time’s the charm? Lisa’s role as a loving stepmother to Paul’s six children from previous marriages adds depth to their relationship. Even though they went their separate ways in 2020, their love story remains a lasting chapter in both of their lives. It’s a reminder that some tales stand the test of time, beyond mere labels.


What about Paul Anka’s wife Lisa Pemberton’s age?

Lisa Pemberton is currently 70 years old as of 2023.

How tall is Lisa Pemberton?

Lisa Pemberton stands at an impressive height of approximately 5 feet and 7 inches, which is about 170.18 centimeters.

Is Paul Anka still married to Lisa Pemberton?

No, Paul Anka and Lisa Pemberton ended their marriage in 2020, and they are no longer together.

Who is Paul Anka’s wife now?

As of the latest information, Paul Anka’s current marital status is not publicly disclosed, and he is no longer married to Lisa Pemberton.

Lisa Pemberton And Paul Anka Relationship- Love, Life, And More
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Lisa Pemberton And Paul Anka Relationship- Love, Life, And More
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