Latarian Milton In 2023; The Fascinating Story Of Juvenile Delinquent And His 15 Minutes Of Internet Fame

Latarian Milton In 2023; The Fascinating Story Of Juvenile Delinquent And His 15 Minutes Of Internet Fame

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Latarian Milton, also known as Lil’ L, is a name that may ring a bell to those who were around in 2007. At the age of 7, he made national headlines after stealing his grandmother’s car and causing damage to multiple vehicles on a joyride. His actions not only caught the attention of the media but also sparked debates about parenting, juvenile delinquency, and the effects of exposure to violence. Now, in 2023, many are left wondering about what has become of Latarian Milton. Has he turned his life around, or is he still struggling with the repercussions of his past? Let’s take a look at what we know about Latarian Milton now.

Latarian Milton Came To The Spotlight When He Stole His Granny’s Car At The Age Of 7

In 2008, when he was just 7 years old, juvenile offender Latarian Milton gained notoriety for his infamous deeds after stealing his grandmother’s car and causing extensive property damage in Palm Beach, Florida. Since then, Milton, also known as “Hood Rat Kid,” has drawn a lot of attention from individuals who are curious about his whereabouts and current state of health. 


Latarian Was Born To ‘Sheneequa, A 16-Year-Old Mother

Sheneequa, who was only 16 at the time, gave birth to Latarian Milton on September 30th, 2000. His father’s identity is unknown, which suggests he left the family when Milton was still a baby. His grandma Zikkita Stratford took care of him for the majority of his early years. Milton had a criminal mindset from the young age of 7, smoking and engaging in criminal activity. He allegedly stole his grandmother’s automobile, drove across Palm Beach, and caused significant property damage. He struck vehicles that were parked in a Costco parking lot, two moving vehicles that were close to a Walmart, and even two mailboxes. When questioned by police, he said that he was enraged with his mother and that he wanted to hang out with his friend. Unexpectedly, he expressed no regret for his deeds and that it was “fun to do bad things.” He became notorious for this, and his story received extensive media coverage.

The Badboy Stole His Grandma’s Car And Was Exposed After Making A Lame Excuse For It.

In April 2007, the incident that made Latarian Milton a household name took place. When Latarian, who was 7 years old at the time, was visiting his grandmother, he took her SUV for a joyride. He continued to drive the automobile for a few blocks before colliding with two other cars, a sign, and mailboxes. Latarian explained that he did it because he wanted to engage in “hoodrat stuff” with his mates when questioned why he did it. People were shocked and alarmed by the incident, and many wondered how a little youngster could act in such a reckless manner. Latarian’s upbringing, according to some critics, was to blame for his behavior because it was indicative of a larger social problem of parental neglect and disengagement. Others viewed the occurrence as proof of the perils of violence exposure and the need for improved care for children who suffer trauma.

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He Attacked His Grandmother For Denying Him A Chicken Wing.

Milton attacked his grandma at a mall two weeks after his infamous vehicle rampage because she wouldn’t give him a chicken wing. He became furious and attacked her, which prompted the local police to take him for a mental health assessment. He was invited to appear on Judge Judy in June 2008, but he declined after learning that his grandmother had cut a questionable deal with the Judge Judy staff. The staff reportedly wanted Milton’s grandmother to file a lawsuit against her daughter for the harm her son caused to the car.

The IRL Troller Did His Graduation In 2015

Milton graduated in 2015 from the John F. Kennedy Middle School in Riviera Beach, Florida, despite his history. He intended to play football at the national level and attend college to study engineering. If professional football didn’t work out, he also thought about entering the US Navy. It is unknown if he has attended college, begun a career, or has kept up with his legal troubles. Latarian was only 7 years old when he stole the car, therefore it’s crucial to keep in mind that his character might not be entirely determined by his prior deeds.

He Was Charged With Carjacking After Snatching A Car From The Ride-Sharing Company Lyft


Latarian Milton’s life did not significantly alter after finishing middle school and making plans for the future; instead, he got back into illegal behavior. He was charged with carjacking in 2023 after stealing a Lyft car in a West Palm Beach area. Milton was among five guys whom the Lyft driver claimed to have picked up, in addition to a woman. The driver refused the man’s request to transport them somewhere else after dropping the woman off at an apartment because it wasn’t made through the app. The driver was held at gunpoint by one of the men, Joseph, and his jacket, wallet, and iPhone were taken. Milton took the wheel and started the car. According to the latest reports, Latarian Milton was charged as an adult in Palm Beach Country in November. As of 2023, it appears that he is in jail now.

About Boondocks Lamilton Taeshawn And Lil Milton Real

The Boondocks episode that included a character by the name of Lamilton Taeshawn was inspired by Latarian Milton’s tale. A parodic fictional character named Lamilton Taeshawn is portrayed as a young, sociopath. He has been featured in several memes and remixes, and his slogan “It’s a hoodrat thing” has gained a lot of traction. The primary antagonist of the episode Smokin’ with Cigarettes in The Boondocks is Lamilton Taeshawn. He even admits that he enjoys acting in a poor, unhealthy, and insalubrious manner regardless of the repercussions. He treats his grandma and others with ruthlessness, insults, and abuse. Everything you need to know about Latarian Milton is covered above. The juvenile offender is claimed to still be in jail for stealing his grandma’s automobile like a hoodrat.

Latarian Milton Is Now Rumored To Be Dead, Yet He Is Still Alive

Although it appeared that Milton had finally matured into a wise man, little appears to have changed. Latarian is reportedly rumored to be dead, however, there is no concrete information to support this as, according to Palm Beach Country’s arrest log, he is probably still jailed.

Latarian Milton In 2023; The Fascinating Story Of Juvenile Delinquent And His 15 Minutes Of Internet Fame
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Latarian Milton In 2023; The Fascinating Story Of Juvenile Delinquent And His 15 Minutes Of Internet Fame
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