Khaby Lame; A Look At His Journey From An Unemployed Factory Worker To A Millionaire 

Khaby Lame; A Look At His Journey From An Unemployed Factory Worker To A Millionaire 

Khabane lame, known by the nickname Khabay lame is an Italian-based tiktoker and a social media star who established his superiority a few years back when he uploaded a number of Tik Tok videos on different social media sites. In this article, we will take a look at the life of Khaby and discuss his journey from an unemployed factory worker to a millionaire on TikTok.

A Look At The Biography of Khaby Lame 

Khaby Lame good name Khabane Lame took his first breath on March 9, 2000. As of 2022 he is 22 years old born and raised in a Muslim family. He grew up with his parents and three siblings and was raised in Turin, Italy.

Early Childhood & Education

Khaby lame, the world’s fastest-growing creator, lived with his family twenty years ago (in 2000). His family immigrated from Senegal to Italy looking for a better life, but life was hard. As per the latest information, he completed his school graduation from a local school in his hometown. 

At the age of 14, he was sent to an Islamic school by his parents. Khaby was dyslexic when he was rejected from high school and college but he did not lose hope. No one knew that he would reach the peak of popularity one day.

Khaby had a great love for sports as he played basketball and football for his school team and also participated in the championship of junior-level basketball. He had a keen interest in videos and gaming since his childhood, therefore he adopted this passion and dominated the hearts of millions of people at the current time.

Family Background

Khaby is the biological son of his father and mother and was raised by them. He grew up with his three siblings and had true faith in his religion. His father Mr. lame works in a private company and his mother Mrs. lame is a homemaker. Further, on the internet, there is not any official information regarding his parents.

Ethnicity And Nationality

Talking about his ethnicity, he belongs to mixed ethnicity of African and Italian descent having the nationality of Senegal. Once he said during the interview that he faced many difficulties in getting Italian visas and citizenship in countries like the United States. But he said that;

“I never needed a piece of paper to define myself as an Italian.”

A Peak Into His Personal Life and Interests

Although Khaby has a great and brilliant career as he is ruling in the hearts of millions of people. He is enjoying a wonderful personal life. Here is some detail about the inside life of Khaby, the shining star.

Physical Appearance

The handsome, smart, and charming man Khaby stands with a height of 6tf 1 inch. He has an athletic body with an approximate weight of 80 kg, 176lbs in pounds. Khaby has brown eyes and black hair.

Birth name  Khabane Lame
Known as  Khaby Lame
Siblings Three
Father name  N/A
Mother name N/A
Religion Islam
Ethnicity Mixed
Nationality Senegalese
Birth date 9th March 2000
Zodiac sign Pisces
Current Residency Senegal
Age  22 years
Famous as Tiktoker, Content Creator, and Social Media Influencer
Hobbies Acting, Food, and Travelling
Education Graduation
Marital Status Un-married
Home town Chivasso, Italy
School /High School Local High School of Chivasso, Italy
College / University The Local Private University of Chivasso, Italy

Relationships Of Khaby

Well, that’s a hot topic that is Khaby Lame married or not or is he in a relationship? As many of us wanted to know about the marital status of the great social media influencer. We are here to tell you that Khaby is engaged. 

As there is no official detail about when he is going to get hitched but he declared in his Instagram post that he got engaged with her longtime beloved Zaira Nucci, in 2020. The couple has been together even when Khaby came under the limelight of social media.

Professional Journey Of ‘The STAR’ Khaby Lame

Along with his wonderful personal life, Khaby is good at managing his professional life too. He is enjoying a well-settled professional life. No doubt, the hearts of many, know better how to balance personal and professional life. Here are a few discussions related to his professional life about how a small factory worker becomes a brilliant shining star.

Starting Of The Career

As he is a social media star having a very inspirational career story. But his career beginning life was full of crisis as it was the year 2020 ( just 2 years ago) when Khabby was a waiter and a factory worker making a total of only 1000$ per month. He did not have enough money to start his career. For him, life was too hard at this time when the Covid came and he did not even have a job because he got fired from both of the jobs. And this is where it gets interesting when no job and no money, Khaby just wanted to make people laugh.

After some weeks, Khaby made a TikTok just to amuse people and decided to upload this video. He got on social media and started making videos and this step changed Khaby’s life forever. In the beginning, just two people watched his video, his father and his neighbor. In 1 month he only got 9 views and just 2 subscribers but he didn’t care and continued to make videos. Nobody knew that his only video got him to the peak of popularity and he would become the most followed star of TikTok all around the world.

Struggle To Ascend Popularity

From the start, Khaby had only a few subscribers and viewers but little by little he got more followers from every country in the world. His manager said to Khaby; “He is going to be an International star.” Even though he had 1,000 followers. In less than 2 years Khabby exploded! This was the time when he got 200 million followers and started making money for the first time in his life. This was the time when he, the 22 years old factory worker, became the face of Hugo Boss! He said;

“ You must keep doing what you want without other people influencing your dream. Because when people can’t do something, they say ‘I can’t do it.’ But if you want to aim for that they say, ‘ No! forget it, because it is impossible. But those are that person’s limits, not yours. So, you have to keep doing what you want to do and succeed”

Social Media Presence Of The Great Silent Star 

Here is some detail related to Khaby’s social media site


Before appearing in the world of social media, Khaby was appointed as a machine operator near his hometown, Italy. This was the time in March 2020, when he got fired from the factory. He did not give up and decided to post his videos on TikTok, in which he simplified the complicated life hacks and gained a huge fan following without saying a single word.

In the year 2021, he became Italy’s most followed Tik Toker after Gianluca Vacchi (Italy’s most popular businessman and a social media personality). From the year 2021 to still today, Khaby became the 2nd most followed Tik Tok star, surpassing Addison Rae. In the year 2020, he has remained part of Tik Tok’s 2 billion dollar Creator’s Fund, to use this aid for his content creation.


It is not only Tik Tok where the Italian young boy has a huge fan following, he also has an Instagram account where he is ruling in the hearts of 37.4 million followers. People loved his facial expression and there are a lot of Khabi Lame’s funny memes on social media, no doubt he is familiar with how he can take the hearts of the public.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Khaby Lame (@khaby00)


In the year 2021, the social media star Khaby, joined YouTube and got 4.84 million subscribers with 1.7 million views on his content. He still posts short videos on his channel, most of which are from Tik Tok cross-posted videos.

Collaboration With The Well-Known Personalities

Over time, Khaby has collaborated with many influential personalities like Alessandro Riggio, King Bach, Daniel LaBelle, Joel Lirica, Ceppe, and Marco Zedda and well-known celebrities like Greta Thunberg, J Balvin, Ed Sheera, Naomi Campbell, and Terry Crews.

Moreover, he also works with Mark Zuckerberg on the Metaverse venture’s campaign. Khaby is also a collaboration with the popular stars of football like Paul Pogba, Raphael Varane, Vinicus Jr., Paulo Dybala, Kylian Mbappe, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Khaby Lame Profile Links

Khaby Lame Tik Tok Khaby Lame TikTok
Khaby Lame Instagram @khaby00
Khaby lame Youtube Khaby Lame Official
Khaby Lame Facebook Khaby Lame Facebook
Khaby lame Twitter Khaby Lame Twitter

Khaby Lame Net Worth 

Although the most asked question is how much Khaby earned or what is the amount of his total net worth? Unfortunately, Khaby has not ever discussed his exact net worth, but after huge research, we have come to know that his assets are approximately equal to 13 million dollars to 16 million dollars. The incredible thanks to his proficiency in the career of social media. Here is the graph of his net worth from the year 2017 to 2022, from which you will come to know about his net worth.

Net Worth in 2017 2.5 million dollars
Net Worth in 2018 4.5 million dollars
Net Worth in 2019 6 million dollars
Net Worth in 2020 9.5 million dollars
Net Worth in 2021 12 million dollars
Net Worth in 2022 15 million dollars

Unknown Facts About The Life Of Khaby

  • He is the 2nd most followed star of the Tik Tok
  • His favorite athlete is LeBron James (the NBA professional basketball player)
  • In the year 2020, he got fired from his job at a manufacturer of CNC near Turin
  • He was a co-star in the Manuel Locatelli announcement.
  • He has the largest fan following as a creator of Tik Tok
  • Riggio Alessandro is Khaby’s social media manager.
  • Among Lame’s portfolio of creators and artists, Alessandro also manages his accounts and affair of business 
  • On January 25, 2017, Lame first posted on Instagram.
  • Her favorite thing to do is travel with his friends.


People around the world are fond of watching memes, sarcastic videos, Tik Tok of Khaby Lame. He has an inspirational life as he gives the lesson that nothing is impossible in the world, we are just one step far from the destination. This is all about the life of Khaby. Hope you enjoy the article and get the answer to your queries related to the life of this amazingly weird person.

Khaby Lame; A Look At His Journey From An Unemployed Factory Worker To A Millionaire 
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Khaby Lame; A Look At His Journey From An Unemployed Factory Worker To A Millionaire 
Khaby Lame good name Khabane Lame took his first breath on March 9, 2000. As of 2022 he is 22 years old born and raised in a Muslim family.
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