All About Kenn Whitaker; Brother Of  Forest Whitaker

All About Kenn Whitaker; Brother Of Forest Whitaker

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Many aspiring entertainers have dreams of making it big in Hollywood. Some people do, while others do not. Even if two aspiring actors come from the same family, there is a good chance that one will achieve fame while the other will be forced to live in the shadow of their relative. The Whitaker family is in a similar situation.


Kenn Whitaker is the younger brother of well-known actor Forest Whitaker. As previously stated, Kenn dabbled in acting, but he never made it big like his brother. Today, he is most likely remembered as Forest’s doppelganger rather than for his career. So, let us learn about the actor’s life.

Biography Of Kenn Whitaker-Starting Of His Fabulous Life

Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker better known as Kenn Whitaker is an American actor who took his first breath on 8th June 1963 to Forest Stephen Junior and Laura Francis Smith. While raising his with family, they located in Carson.

He is well-known throughout the world for his roles in films such as Last Days (2001) and Bulworth (1998). Besides this, he has also come to light in several TV series and films. Soon they moved to Los Angeles in search of the best career opportunities. This life-changing decision worked out well for him as this was the time when he started to get fame.

Early Life and Education

He was born on 8th June 1963 in Longview, Texas to Forest Steven Whitaker Jr. (an insurance salesman) and Laura Francis (special education teacher). When he was only the age of 2, his family moved to California to get better opportunities. Then he enrolled at Palisades charter high school.

He was neither the brilliant student nor the poor one as he is an average student who showed a keen interest in acting since his childhood. After this, Kenn attended a college to seek his graduation. But his passion for acting soon made him a famous actor.

Family Lineage

The Whitaker family has worked hard to be successful. His mother Laura Francis Smith attended college and earned two master’s degrees. His father Forest Steven Junior, an insurance salesman, educated his family through his work.  No doubt, both of them did their best to give a better future to their children.


Kenn grew up with three siblings Forest Whitaker (a well-known actor) and Damon Whitaker (brothers) and Deborah Whitaker (sister). The trio is the actors who made their names in the film industry.

As was already mentioned, Kenn did try acting, although he did not have the same success as his brother. He is probably better known now for his resemblance to Forest than for his career achievements.

Kenn Whitaker’s Brother Forest Whitaker

One of the brother of Kenn Whitaker named Forest Whitaker is highly popular across the world as he is known as a world-class actor. His fame also led his siblings to earn more fame. Kenn come to light after Kenn and his brother Forest Whitaker used to be compared by the public on social media.

Both appear the same, and occasionally people have trouble telling them apart. As a result of the confusion that results, there is a new trend on the internet. However, it turns out from the official facts that they were not identical twins.

Ethnicity, Religion, and Nationality

Kenn Whitaker was born and raised in a Christian home and has true faith in his religion. Having American nationality, Kenn belongs to the black ethnicity.


Individual Life-A Journey Worth read

Kenn has a steady personal life since he is adept at handling his concerns. Here, we provide information regarding Kenn Whitaker personal life, the actor of “The Last King of Scotland.”

Adorable Appearances

Kenn Whitaker is a normal heightened man with an athletic build. He stands 5 feet 9 inches (175) tall with an approximate weight of 78 kg (171). The age of Kenn Whitaker is 59. Speaking of his facial features, Kenn Whitaker has hazel brown eyes and naturally black hair.

Birth name Kenneth Dwayne Whitaker
Known as Kenn Whitaker
Birth place Longview, Texas, USA
Birth date June 8, 1963,
Ethnicity Black
Nationality American
Mother name Laura Francis Smith 
Father name Forest Steven Junior
School/High School Palisades charter high school
College/University Palisades University
Siblings Forest Whitaker, Damon Whitaker, and Deborah Whitaker
Education Graduate
Famous as Actor
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Weight 78 Kg
Height 5ft 9 inches
Eye color Hazel brown
Hair color Black
Religion Christianity
Marital Status Married
Current Residency Los Angeles, the USA

Married Life

Kenneth Whitaker’s private life has been secret from the beginning. Despite being well-known while still acting, the actor never spoke openly about his personal life. He keeps his personal affairs so private that not much is known about his romantic relationships.

Since the actor was praised for his abilities by critics in the past, many fans are curious to learn more about his personal life. Moreover, many new admirers are interested in learning more about him as a result of the recent look-alike drama. Even though people are unaware of his private life, Kenneth is said to have a wonderful relationship with his nephews and nieces. Additionally, he appears to have stood by his family and brother after Forest (his brother) and his ex-wife Keisha Nash got a divorce.

Professional Life-A Roller Coaster Ride

Talking about the professional life of Kenn Whitaker, he had a big start in his professional life. By following in the footsteps of his family, Kenn is good at managing his professional career. Here we will take a deep look at how this film star raised his career and where he is at the current time.


Starting Of Professional Career

Kenn Whitaker, who came from a very hard-working household, also had a lot of drive to succeed in the world. A young Kenneth was motivated to pursue acting after seeing Forest perform in theatres and later on the big screen. In the year 1977, he appeared in the debut film ‘Most Wanted’, where he played minor roles.

The actor continued to work on some of the projects after making his acting debut in a minor role in 1997. His contributions were largely insignificant, though. The actor has made brief, one-time cameos in TV shows like Party of Five and Tracey Takes On.

Kenn did, however, have the opportunity to contribute significantly to works like  The Theory of the Leisure Class, Life, and Last Days   His performances in these films received high praise from critics, and the actor was able to build a fan base. But regrettably, he hasn’t been in any more films or television shows since he played Ben Forget in Last Days in 2001.

When his profession was just about to take off, the brother of Forest  Whittaker gave up acting. Even if the reasons for his leaving are unknown, it appears that Kenn is happy with his choice and is enjoying his personal life.

Wind-Up Of His Television Career

Although the circumstances behind his leaving are unknown, it appears that Kenn is happy with his choice and is enjoying his personal life.

Kenn Whitaker Now

Now Whitaker might be opted to live away from the public eye and social media, therefore what he is doing besides his career is still unknown. But if we come to the topic of where he is now,  we have come to know that he is might be a part of the charity foundation of his brother named ‘The Whitaker Peace and Development Initiative’ (a non-governmental organization with an international scope and reach). But regardless of what he accomplishes, we are sure that the actor of ‘Life’  will succeed in his field and lead a happy life.

Best Movies Of Kenn Whitaker

Year Character Name Of Movie
1997 Bus Guard 2 Most Wanted
1998 Second Smoking Man Tracy Takes On (TV series)
1998 Henchman # 1 Bulworth
1999 Detention Center Guard Part Of Five (TV series)
1999 Issac Life
2001 Otis The Theory Of The Leisure Class
2001 Ben Forchet Last Days

Kenn Whitaker Net Worth

Although it is the most raised question that how much Kenn had earned throughout his career. According to the official updates, his net worth is $1 million to $12 million U.S dollars, as of now.  He has gained a massive amount from his professional career. At that time, unfortunately, we will not able to get informed about his monthly and Annual salary.

Un-Known Facts Related To Kenn’s Life

  • Whitaker starred in the film
  • Ken Whitaker is a vocal vegan
  • Kenn Whitaker ran the Boston Marathon in under three hours
  • Kenn Whitaker won two Paralympic gold medals
  • In 2002, KennWhitaker was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease ( a type of inflammatory bowel disease)

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The Key Take Away

Kenn Whitaker is one of the top men who rose to greatness after starting from the place of zero-level. The world needs this right now. No doubt, his life is a role model and inspiration for everyone. He is one of the people in Hollywood whom the public wants to see again. This is almost everything about the star of Hollywood. Hope you enjoy the article and get informed about your queries.

All About Kenn Whitaker; Brother Of  Forest Whitaker
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All About Kenn Whitaker; Brother Of Forest Whitaker
Today,Kenn Whitaker is most likely remembered as Forest's doppelganger rather than for his career. So, let us learn about the actor's life.
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