About Kanye West And His Latest Album “Vultures 1” (2024)- Why Was It Removed From Apple Music?

About Kanye West And His Latest Album “Vultures 1” (2024)- Why Was It Removed From Apple Music?

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Kanye West is a famous music artist who is well-known for creating significant waves in the music industry and beyond.  His most recent musical venture has made headlines recently once more, but this time it’s because his album “Vultures1” unexpectedly disappeared from iTunes and Apple Music. The album, which was co-written with Ty Dolla $ign, shot to the top of the charts and was shortly taken off of them. 

However, disputes over the usage of unapproved samples—among which there was a noteworthy fight over a Donna Summer song that Kanye allegedly utilized without permission—are the reason for this sudden resignation. This action has sparked conversations in the music industry about copyright concerns and artist ethics.  

Speaking of Kanye’s response, the controversy surrounding the album’s release has also been fueled by his recent behavior and remarks. In spite of these obstacles, the musician keeps interacting with his fans in original ways—for example, by organizing an album-related rave in Las Vegas. What Kanye will do next in this prolonged drama is now a mystery to both fans and critics.

Kanye West Biography- Real Name, Parents, Age, And More 

Atlanta and Chicago were the two areas where Kanye West spent his early years while his parents worked hard to raise their lovely son. His passion for words and expression was fostered by his mother “Dondo,” an English professor, and father “Ray,” a photographer.

Educational Background

He began a yearlong trip to Nanjing, China, with his mother when he was ten years old as part of an exchange program. The only other foreign student in his class, he began learning Mandarin, the formal version of the Chinese language (though he admits forgetting most of it!) Kanye received a scholarship to pursue painting after high school. However, at the age of 20, he left school to follow his passion—music. 


Starting Of Professional Career- Kanye West Songs And Albums

Ye, also known as Kanye Omari West, began his career in the late 1990s. He first became well-known as a producer, creating beats for well-known musicians. This was the time when he dreamed of being in the spotlight. 

His first major break came in 1996 when he produced songs for Chicago rapper Grave’s debut album, “Down to Earth.” He also collaborated with artists such as Foxy Brown, Deric “D-Dot” Angelettie, and Harlem World in this early stage, setting the foundation for his eventual success in the music business.

When “The College Dropout,” his debut album, was released in 2004, it made him quite well-known. It was unique, fusing sincere lyrics with sultry sounds. Kanye didn’t end there, either. He kept himself in the spotlight by putting out albums that experimented with different sounds and concepts. Kanye West albums have consistently pushed the limits of music, from the sentiments of “808s & Heartbreak” to the experimental vibes of “Yeezus.”

Well-Known Songs 

Kanye’s early albums, such as “The College Dropout,” “Late Registration,” “Graduation,” “808s & Heartbreak,” “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy,” and “Yeezus,” helped him grow from a basement beatmaker to an award-winning musician. 

Kanye explored minimalism and gospel elements in The Life of Pablo (2016), and in Ye (2018), he delved deeper into introspection and personal issues. His ability to transcend genres was showcased when he worked with Kid Cudi on the psychedelic classic Kids See Ghosts (2018).

The gospel-infused album “Jesus King (2029)” signaled a significant shift in Kanye’s spiritual direction and won him a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album. It was a dramatic departure from his earlier works. Apart from it, his album “Donda (2021)” covered a variety of themes and included collaborations with a wide range of performers. Although it was met with mixed reviews, Kanye’s lasting influence was cemented by its ambitious character and personal relevance. 

Moreover, released exclusively on Kanye’s Stem Player device,” Donda 2 (2022)” this album was more experimental and featured fewer mainstream names. Though it did not touch the peak like its predecessor did, this album demonstrated his continuous openness to trying new things. The joint album “Vultures (2024)” with Ty Dolla Sign heralded a return to a more soulful sound with sultry vocals and memorable hooks. 

Kanye West Album “Vultures 1 (2024)”- What Happened?

February 10, 2024, saw the independent release of “Vultures 1” under West’s YZY brand. At first, it was a hit, peaking at the top of the US Apple Music albums chart. However, problems with copyright and the unapproved usage of samples surfaced. After receiving a complaint from Donna Summer’s estate, Spotify took down the song “Good (Don’t Die)”. Due to a violation of the distributor’s service agreement, Apple Music briefly pulled the entire album.

After obtaining the required permits, singles from the album “Vultures 1” were once again made available on many streaming platforms. Label Engine, who had overseen the publication of these tracks, and the parties came to a new distribution deal. There are claims indicating that the first removal and subsequent delays had an effect on the album’s commercial performance.

Bianca Censori And  Kanye West Recent Marriage- What About His Previous Love Kim Kardashian 

Iconic musician and fashion designer Kanye West shocked everyone by remarrying, this time to architect Bianca Censori. Though a lot of people might be curious about “What’s next for Kanye?” the response appears to be based more deeply on faith. According to the official sources, they tied the knot for “religious reasons,” meaning they wanted to have a closer relationship based on their common religion.


Kanye’s spiritual journey has gained widespread recognition, thanks to his gospel CD and Sunday Services. His marriage now reflects these convictions. As of right now, the couple has been seen going to church together, demonstrating how their shared faith deepens their relationship.

Ex-Love ‘Kim Kardashian’

The past is not forgotten in this new chapter. Kanye’s first marriage to Kim Kardashian, from which he had four stunning children, will always play a big role in his life narrative. It’s crucial to acknowledge Bianca and Kanye’s right to a private, faith-driven route and to treat their relationship with respect and kindness.


About The Net Worth Of Kanye West

Kanye West net worth has fluctuated from multi-billionaire heights to its present estimated $400 million, indicating a tumultuous financial journey. Though his lucrative music career played a significant role in his enormous wealth, his real wealth came from bold business decisions and investments.

Furthermore, the Yeezy partnership with Adidas was a pillar that was valued at an incredible $1.5 billion before it was terminated because of contentious remarks. Other than that, he made a substantial amount of money from his collaborations with Balenciaga, GAP, and Nike, all of which he eventually ended. 

Kanye still has significant assets in spite of these difficulties. His record collection is still quite profitable, and he reportedly owns 5% of Kim Kardashian’s popular skimpy apparel brand, Skims. You cannot believe but he possesses cash and liquid investments in addition to homes valued at over $100 million.

About Kanye West And His Latest Album “Vultures 1” (2024)- Why Was It Removed From Apple Music?
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About Kanye West And His Latest Album “Vultures 1” (2024)- Why Was It Removed From Apple Music?
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