James Charles; Everything About Famous American Makeup Artist

James Charles; Everything About Famous American Makeup Artist

James Charles, a well-known cosmetic artist, is renowned for creating YouTube lesson videos. James first became well-known in 2016 when one tweet about retaking his graduation picture with cosmetics and a ring light went viral on social media. As a consequence, at the age of 17, he was named the first male spokesperson and ambassador for the cosmetic company “Cover Girl.” The American documentary programs “Nikita Unfiltered” and “The Secret World of Jeffree Star” both included Charles as a guest star in 2018. Later, he had a brief cameo in Larry’s song “Cancelled” music video. He has a large fan base because of his distinctive looks and persuasive abilities and is a well-known youth phenomenon in the United States. You can also Know about another makeup artist’s biography of Huda Kattan

James Charles Biography-The Early Life Of The Star

James Charles Dickinson took his birth on 23 May 1999 in Bethlehem, NY. He completed his graduation in the year 2017 from Bethlehem High School, where he attended classes. James, a spokesperson for the cosmetics company CoverGirl, had the phrase “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful” embroidered on the front of his cap. At the young age of 12, while still in middle school, he initially came out as transgender. He only has one sibling; Ian Jeffrey, a celebrity and social media personality, is his younger brother.


Family Of James

His parents are highly accepting of both his sexual preference and his interest in cosmetics. Their basement was turned into a glamorous room by his builder father for his usage. James has always desired to pursue a profession as just a make-up artist because he has a natural affinity for beauty and cosmetics. He created a Youtube page and concentrated on improving his makeup techniques to get started on his dream. James Charles is a member of a well-established American Christian family originating in Albany County. He is known to be of American descent and practices Christianity as his faith.

Gorgeous Appearance

James is a gorgeous and well-built man with a likable demeanor. He stands 5 feet 9 inches in height and weighs about 73 kg. His hair is a chic black tone, and his eyes are a stunning brown.


Full Name James Charles Dickinson
Nick Name  Jim Chuck
Age 23 years (as of 2023)
Birth date May 23 1999
Birthplace  Bethlem, NY, the US
Net worth  $22 million
Famous As Makeup Artist
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Hometown New York
School/College Bethlem High School, NY
College/University Not Known
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Father Name  Dickinson
Mother Name Christie Dickinson
Siblings  Ian Jeffrey
Marital Status Unmarried
Height  5 ft 9 inches
Weight 68 kg

Relationship Status

James C. has not yet gotten married as of 2023. He outright admits that he’s gay. He is honest about his friendship with fellow Youtuber named David Dobrik, though. Additionally, there is no comprehensive official data available on James’ relationship status.

Professional Career Of James C.- Star Behind The Curtains


In 2015, James Charles began his career as YouTuber. He launched a YouTube account with his name on it, where he posts videos with makeup and beauty tips. In 2016, he joined Katy Perry as a spokesperson for the well-known American cosmetic company Cover Girl. He received an invitation to the starting ceremony of Cosmetics of Morphe’s second UK location in Birmingham, England in 2019. He also provided Amethyst Amelia Kelly’s cosmetics for her Sally Walker song video the following year, and he also made a brief cameo role.

Youtube Career

To uncover the next beauty designer, he recently launched the Instant Influencer YouTube series, which he hosted personally and which debuted on April 24, 2020. He now shares his TikTok videos in addition to YouTube. Additionally, he made cameos in a number of well-known television programs and motion pictures, including The Zail Good, Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Secret World of Jeffree Star, and Shane and Friends.

Awards And Accomplishments

James Charles has received numerous prestigious accolades for his expertise as a makeup and beauty artist. In 2018 & 2020, he won Streamy Awards for Beauty YouTube as well as Show of the Year on YouTube, respectively. Apart from that, there isn’t much information available on Charle’s honors and achievements.

Controversies And Scandal

James has so far stirred controversy a few times during his brief time in the spotlight. He posted an extremely offensive, racist joke related to the Ebola virus in February 2017 as he was getting ready to travel to South Africa alongside his schoolmates. He was instantly deluged with criticism, and he quickly deleted the message. However, the damage had already been done; not just were people repulsed by his abhorrently racist statement, but even supporters pleaded with CoverGirl to fire him. 

He eventually apologized after realizing the seriousness of his conduct, saying he was deeply sorry and that he had learned from his error. Tati Westbrook, a longtime partner of Charles, charged him with betraying his allegiance, playing with people’s emotions with his wealth and position, and manipulating their sexual orientation. Charles has lost almost 1 million customers as a result in the past day.

James Charles Net Worth

James Charles hasn’t yet made it onto our yearly list of the top 10 paid YouTubers, but at his height, he could have earned a minimum of $5 million annually just from the views on his channel. Along with these other streams of revenue, he also makes a sizeable amount of money each month from endorsement partnerships with businesses including Covergirl and Morphe Cosmetics, celebrity appearances, merchandise sales, and paid Posts on social media like the one that started the argument with Westbrook. His estimated overall net worth is $22 million, according to the reports.


Is James Charles seeing anyone for a relationship?

James affirms that he is unmarried and seeks a romantic partnership.

Why did James Charles become well-known?

Jame, a 23-year-old fashion blogger, became well-known after starting a YouTube channel dedicated to cosmetics and beauty in 2015.

What is James Charles’ estimated net worth?

James Charles’ personal fortune is projected to be about $22 Million as of January 2023.

How old is James Charles?

James took his birth in the year 1999, therefore, 23 years as of 2023.

James Charles; Everything About Famous American Makeup Artist
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James Charles; Everything About Famous American Makeup Artist
James Charles is a member of a well-established American Christian family originating in Albany County. He is known to be of American descent and practices Christianity as his faith.
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