Huda Kattan; The Billionaire Celebrity Of The Makeup World

Huda Kattan; The Billionaire Celebrity Of The Makeup World

If you enjoy using cosmetics, you must be familiar with the brand “Huda Beauty.” But you might be curious as to who is responsible for the Huda brand. Therefore, we are here today to provide you with comprehensive information about this well-known businesswoman. Huda Kattan, better known online as Huda Beauty, has earned a living by teaching women how to express their inner Royals, at least in terms of makeup. 

The 32-year-old, together with her two siblings Mona and Alya, is in charge of a burgeoning beauty imperial power that includes a two-year-old production line named “Huda Beauty” which is famous to become incredibly popular in the Middle East, a youtube channel, and blog with a large following, and an Instagram profile with just under eight million followers. Additionally, Huda has a very well-liked Youtube account. She is among the 20-largest beauty bloggers globally and is unquestionably the most well-known beauty blogger and YouTuber in the Middle East, where little women dabble in style and makeup. 

Who Is Huda Kattan?


On October 2, 1983, in Oklahoma, Susu Al Qazzaz and Ibrahim Kattan, two immigrants from Iraq, welcomed Huda Kattan into the world. While her father worked as an engineering professor, her mother stayed at home to raise Huda and her brothers. Huda was raised with three sisters, so she was exposed to fashion and beauty trends from a young age. 

The girls would experiment with do-it-yourself beauty techniques and apply makeup to one another. She has always been fascinated by fashion and beauty, but she decided to study economics in college. Even though she intended to work as a fashion blogger and YouTuber, she briefly pursued a career in finance.

Huda Kattan’s Family

Huda Kattan is among her parents’ four children. Alya Kattan, who serves as her social media administrator at the moment, was one of her mother’s three children. Huda’s young sister is “Mona Kattan.” She is a beauty blogger, businesswoman, model, and co-founder of her sister’s beauty brand as well as its global president. Huda also has a cherished brother named Khalid Kattan who previously held the position of professor.

Religion And Ethnicity

Huda kept her religious affiliation a secret, however, other accounts claim she was born into a devout Muslim family. Regarding her heritage, she was born to Iraqi parentage and is of Middle Eastern descent. She claims to be Muslim but does not wear a headscarf because she considers herself to be “a spiritual person.” This is advantageous when your work entails you to display your complete face and hair.

What About Huda Kattan’s Personal Life?


The businessman and makeup artist Huda is the Iraqi-American founder of the well-known cosmetics line Huda Beauty. She has spent 12 years residing in Dubai. She claims that we are fortunate to live in Dubai as it is so advanced relative to other Middle Eastern countries.

Alluring Appearance

Huda Kattan is 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a magnificent physique. She weighs 60 kg and is very concerned about preserving her charming appearance. Huda Kattan always takes exceptional care of her looks and is very concerned about her health. She regularly works out, and her body measurements are 34-28-36. She also has stunning Black eyes and beautiful black hair.

Huda Kattan’s Husband 


Huda Kattan and Christopher Goncalo had been blissfully married as of the time this content was published. Their daughter Nour Giselle was born more than ten years into their marriage. According to some sources, Huda and Goncalo were married in 2008. Although the location and circumstances of their wedding are unknown, it is believed that they met in the early 2000s while attending colleges in the US. 

According to the allegations, Hudda Kattan was 16 when they first met, and their first date was at Olive Garden. After moving to Dubai in 2006, they exchanged vows a few years later. Huda claims that because she spends so little time with her spouse, her hectic lifestyle nearly caused a rupture in her marriage.

How Huda Started Her Professional Career?

Huda and her father relocated to Dubai in 2006 as a result of his accepting a teaching position there. Huda moved to LA a few years ago to pursue a career in makeup. Celebrities like Nicole Richie and Eva Longoria were among her patrons. Huda later went back to Dubai and started working for Revlon as a beautician. Huda launched a “Huda Beauty”-themed WordPress site in 2010 at the suggestion of her sisters, where she would share makeup tutorials and recommendations.

In 2013, Huda launched a cosmetics brand with the same name as her blog: “Huda Beauty.” Her initial offering, a line of fake eyelashes, was made available through Sephora. With the selling of fake eyelashes that Kim K notably wore, the Huda Beauty brand found success. Later on, Huda’s Dubai-based company expanded its collection of cosmetics to include eye makeup palettes, liquid eye shadow, concealers, foundations, a highlighter palette, lip liners, liquid lipsticks, and many beauty products.

The Stones She Has Turned

Huda amassed over 47 million Instagram followers by the year 2020, proving her popularity. On the “2017 Celebrity Insta Rich List,” Huda is rated first, receiving $18,000 for each sponsored posts post. According to Forbes magazine, Huda is one of the “ten greatest influential personalities in the industry of beauty” and has been compared to “Kim K West of the glamour influencer economy.” In 2017, Time magazine named her to the list of “The 25 Most Valuable People on the Internet.” 

Huda appeared on Fortunes’ list of 40 over 40 in 2020. She came in first place on the Beauty Enthusiast Rich List in 2021. Huda and her family started appearing in Huda Boss, an exclusive reality series on Facebook Watch, in 2018. With her cosmetics firm Huda Beauty, Huda gave one million meals in 2021 as part of a drive to distribute food.

Huda Katten Networth

The estimated value of Huda Kattan’s total assets is $1 billion. Huda makes a living as an extremely successful American businesswoman, blogger, and cosmetic artist. She rose to fame in 2017 when she launched her Channel on youtube and began posting lifestyle vlogs and cosmetic lessons. She reached 4 million fans on her Youtube page in a relatively short amount of time. In general, the well-known businesswoman has surpassed all other personalities in terms of income.

Huda Kattan; The Billionaire Celebrity Of The Makeup World
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Huda Kattan; The Billionaire Celebrity Of The Makeup World
The estimated value of Huda Kattan's total assets is $1 billion. Huda makes a living as an extremely successful American businesswoman, blogger, and cosmetic artist
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