Forest Whitaker; All You Need To Know About The Winner Of The OSCAR

Forest Whitaker; All You Need To Know About The Winner Of The OSCAR

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If you are familiar with the movie “The Last King Of Scotland” then you must hear about the star of this movie Forest Whitaker. Known by the good name Forest Steven Whitaker, he is a man having a magnificent career. Born on July 15, 1961, in Longview, the US he is an actor who has amazed everyone with his spectacular performance. With the OSCAR award in his possession, Forest is the producer and actor who has excelled at playing a range of parts in films and television programs, whether he was playing the main character or a supporting one.

Although Whitaker began his career while attending the Polytechnic University of California where he started playing football. But sadly, his back injury did not allow him to pursue his career as a footballer, therefore, he said goodbye to a career in football and decided to make his fortune in the world of the Television industry. Soon his decision made his passion and he appeared in the film named “Tag: The Assassination Game.” Moreover, his second film named Fast Times at Ridgemont High” allowed him to gain massive success. His acclaimed movies including “Ready to Wear” “Good Morning Vietnam” “Platoon” “Panic Room,” and “The Way Of Samurai” marked the beginning of his successful cinematic career.

Additionally, he made guest roles on well-known television programs. With “Strapped,” he made his directorial debut. For his performance in “The Last King of Scotland,” Forest earned the Academy Award for Best Actor. In addition to various accolades and prizes, he also received the award of Hollywood Actor of the Year.

Early Life-A Journey Worth Read


Taling his birth in Longview, the U.S, Forest Whitaker grew up with his four siblings. He is the blood son of Laura Francis Smith and Forest Steven Jr. Sadly Forest has not had a prosperous start in his life as he had born into a middle-class family. His mother is a true example of an iron-willed lady as she made herself take two master’s degrees just for the exemplary raising of her kids.

Forest is the blood brother of Kenn Whitaker and Demon Whitaker and has one sister named Deborah Whitaker. If talking about his grandparents, he is the grandson of a well-known author Forest Whitaker Sr.

He grew up in Longview with his family friends, and siblings. But due to some personal issues, his family relocated to Los Angeles when he was too young. Whitaker started his journey while attending a junior school where he is also a player in football but unfortunately his back ailment did not allow him to continue his career in football. Just after that, he took himself to the Southern California Music University to pursue an opera tenor degree. This was the year 1982, he received his USC degree. In the city of California, Berkeley, he also received a scholarship from the London studio of drama.

Forest’s Siblings Are Also The TV Stars

If talking about siblings of Forest, is not only the TV star in his family. In fact, three of Forest’s siblings also have been in both major and little television and film productions. He was raised with his siblings named Deborah, a film producer and actress, Demon, his brother, and another well-known brother, “Kenn Whitaker”, a star of the Television industry. If it comes to his brother Kenn, looks the same as Forest. Many people got a huge confusion while differentiating between the brothers.

Forest Whitaker Is An American Citizen

Forest took his birth in the United States, therefore, was raised withholding the nationality of America. He belongs to the Black ethnicity with American ancestry. Forest also had genuine trust in his religion because he was raised in a respected Christian family.

Charming Athletic Appearance,

In addition, his height is 6 ft 2 inches (188cm/1.88m), and his weight is approximately 92 kg (203lbs). He is of a typical physique type, measuring 46-15-40 inches. He is a person of enchanting dark brown eyes and athletic body features.

Birth Name  Forest Steven Whitaker
Nick Name  Steven
Age  61 years (as of 2022)
Ethnicity Black
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Birthplace Longview, Texas, The United States
Date Of Birth 15 July 1961
Religion Christian
Current Residence Los Angeles
Nationality  American
Mother Name Laura Francis Smith
Father Name  Forest Steven Jr.
Brothers Damon Whitaker and Kenn Whitaker (Actor)
Sister Deborah Whitaker (producer and director)
Marital Status Married
Wife Keisha Nash
School/High School School Of Palisades Charter
College/University Southern California University
Educational Qualification Bachelors
Famous As Producer, Actor, and director

Forest Has Married With The Love Of His Life 

In the year 1996, Whitaker tied the knot with the love of his life named Keisha Nash. The couple met at the set of the movie “On Blown Away.” Soon the love birds were blessed with twin daughters named True and Sonnet. Keisha and Forest both are parents from their previous relationships. Keisha has a daughter named Autumn from his prior relationship and Forest has a son “Ocean Alexander” from his past relationship. 

But sadly, the couple did not have a strong relationship and soon they decided to separate in the year 2018.  According to the website, the singer is asking the court to end any spousal support payments but this is frequently done when an equivalent ownership agreement is already in existence.

Forest Whitaker Has An Outstanding Professional Career


Forest Whitaker has a worth-seeing start in his professional career. He made his first appearance in the movie name “Tag: The Assassination Game” in the year 1982. His films include “Vision Quest” “Bird” “The Colony of Money” “and “Good Morning Vietnam” which allowed him to come to the limelight.

In the year 1990, he made his best in his own co-producing movies named “A Range in Harlem” “Phenomenon” and “Pret-a-Porter.” This is not the ending, he made it further to touch the height of fame. In the year 2000’s he received a nomination for the award of “Golden Raspberry.” In addition, he also made a realistic performance in movies like “American Gun” Phone Book” and “Panic Room.” In the year 2006, he played the role of Idi Amin in the movie “The Last King Of Scotland.” He also starred in “Simon McBurney” “James McAvoy” and “Kerry Washington.”

He also has come a long way in his Television appearance. In 1982, he gave his first performance in the comedy movie “Making The Grade”  which took him to the height of glory and made a clear way for him to go further. He also did brilliantly in movies like “Last Night”  “Criminal Justice” and The Enemy Within.” It is not just his acting that made him great, he also got his art acknowledged by producing different films like “Feast of All Saints.”

 He served as both host and narrator of the television program “The Twilight Zone” from 2002 to 2003. With achieved “Primetime Emmy”  and “Black Reel Awards” in the year 2002 he also got nominations for many awards for his worth-seeing acting. 

Forest hit the jackpot by being the best in voice acting as he made his outstanding voice work in the animation series named “Star Wars Rebels.” Soon after, he began producing and directing motion pictures. Additionally, he has also achieved a black belt in Kenpo martial arts in Japan. Whitaker also has a keen interest in politics. He says that he is a true supporter of Barack Obama.

Forest Whitaker Is Also The Winner Of well-Known Awards 

Whitaker is well-known for his blockbuster performances. Thanks to his acting he made him to the height of fame. He has also gained a lot of prizes and achievements. In the year 1988, Forest Whitaker’s performance in “Bird” earned him the Best Actor prize at the film festival of Cannes. Moreover, he also took home the award of International critic’s prize after his eye-catching performance in the movie “Strapped.” In addition to these, he also succeed to win the “Blockbuster Entertainment Award”  in 1996, to be the Ideal Supporting Actor in the movie “Phenomenon.” 

He has received many other awards being the best actor in different movies including “Academy Award” “BAFTA Award” “BET Award” “NAACP Award”  and “African-American.” to perform the worth seeing acting in movies and motion pictures named “The Last King Of Scotland” and “The Butler.”

Forest Whitaker Is The CEO Of the WPDI Organization

Forest Whitaker has spent the majority of his time for at least ten years working extensively in the humanitarian sector. He is also an activist and works as a CEO and co-founder of the WPDI organization (Whitaker Peace And Development Initiative). In addition to these, he is also a well-known co-founder of the “International Institute For Peace” and “UNESCO.” 

Additionally, he also sports the school of Boarding in Hope North and a career training facility in northern Uganda for young people who were orphaned and other victims of the nation’s civil war. Whitaker is most convinced that common people are able and must band together in order to modify the world.  He said himself;  “Even a seemingly little action can produce waves that make a great impact.”

Forest Has The Net Worth Of $35 Million

Whitaker is a man with a stunning net worth of $35 million. He did his best in his entire life to get that type of money. He has played major roles in numerous films and television productions and has received numerous honors. Whitaker also provided his voice for the animated series. He has produced a few films as well as directed some. He has a sizable following on social media platforms. He was a former ambassador for UNESCO. Additionally, he engaged in some industry of real estate. He now has a net worth that anyone would be proud of thanks to all of his work.

Whitaker Is Active On Different Social Media Sites

Forest Whitaker is a frequent user of social media. He has 41.7k followers on his Instagram account. He is ruling in the hearts of 192,800 followers on Twitter. He is extremely active on the Facebook network, where he has won over 2.8 million fans. Here is a table that allows you to go directly to Forest Whitaker’s web pages.

Forest Whittaker Instagram Click Here
Forest Whitaker Twitter  Click Here
Forest Whitaker Facebook Click Here

Some Fun Facts Related To Forest Whitaker

  • For the shooting of the movie “The Last King Of Scotland,” Whitaker stayed in Uganda for four months
  • In his early school life, he has a keen interest in football
  • He was identified as having ptosis at birth. This disease is inherited. His right eye cannot fully open as a result of this problem  
  • He is also a pet lover from an early age
  • He met with the love of his life in a set of a film
  • He won the Oscar Award made him the fourth-best African-American actor
  • He is the father of twin daughters “Sonnet and True
  • His looks are very similar to his brother Kenn Whitaker as rumors say that they are twins but this is not the correct news according to the reports.
  • With his brilliant performance in his films, Whitaker received the “Primetime Emmy Awards” two times.

Bottom Line

In the end, the winner of the OSCAR award, Forest Whitaker has done his best in the film industry and further tried to touch the peak of popularity. Moreover, with his magnificent performance, he has also become the winner of many awards including the Prime Time Emmy Awards. The star of the “Last King of Scotland” has now ruled in the hearts of millions of people. Hope this informative content will help to clarify all your confusion.

Forest Whitaker; All You Need To Know About The Winner Of The OSCAR
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Forest Whitaker; All You Need To Know About The Winner Of The OSCAR
If you are familiar with the movie “The Last King Of Scotland” then you must hear about the star of this movie Forest Whitaker.
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