Donald Trump; His Journey From Factory Manager To The President Of The United State

Donald Trump; His Journey From Factory Manager To The President Of The United State

Donald J. Trump is the epitome of America’s story of success who continuously sets the bar for excellence while pursuing new ventures in sports, real estate, and the entertainment industry. He is a model businessman, a deal-maker above all others. In this article, we will take a complete look at the journey of the well-established ex-president of the U.S “Donald Trump.” 

Early Life-How The Life Of Legends Started

Taking his first breath at Jamaica Hospital on 14th June 1946, Donald was born at the Queen, a small government area in New York to Fred Trump and Marry Anne Macleod Trump. He is the son of a man who used to work as a real estate developer. Moreover, his mother was a Scottish immigrant.

Trump was born to a rich family as his father was a well-known developer of real estate and his mother was a home economist. Trump was raised with his five siblings and received an exemplary raise from his parents. His parents sent him to a boarding high school in New York. To complete his higher education he attended the Fordham University of New York for more than 2 years. Moreover, he also pursued other degrees from several universities including Wharton School previously known as Pennsylvania University. Here he completed his Bachelors’s in economics in the year 1968.

Here is not the end of his educational career, he also attended the Military academy of New York, the story behind is a little bit funny as his parents sent him there to change his nasty behavior toward others. He chose to join his father’s real estate company after completing his further education. Donald was appointed to head a group of family-run enterprises in 1971; he later gave this organization the name Trump Organization.


Family Background Of Donald Trump

Donald was born after the marriage of Mary Anne (his mother) and Fred Trump (his father)

Donald is the fourth child and has a brother, two sisters, and himself. Maryanne, Fred Jr., and Elizabeth are his three older sisters and brothers. Robert Trump, Trump’s younger brother, passed away at the age of 71. According to reports, the president and Robert had a “really excellent friendship.”

Business Career- Rise And Fall Of His Life

After graduating from college, Trump decided to join his father’s business, E. Trump & Son, the company that built middle-class apartments in New York City’s outer boroughs. In the year 1974, he decided to run the industry of Manhattan Real Estate.

In the year 1980, Donald Trump decided to purchase a renowned PlazaHotel in Manhattan. Moreover, being honored with casinos in  Atlantica, the city of New Jersey, he also runs another hotel of casinos in Florida’s town of Palm Beach. Other than that, he purchased the Mar-a-Lago estate to restore and make it into a private club. In addition to that, he briefly owned the football team in the United States and an airline company, among other businesses.

However, Trump was heavily in debt and some of his casinos declared bankruptcy in the early 1990s as a result of an economic slowdown and decline in the market of real estate. He declared a loss of around $1 billion on his taxes in 1995. Trump subsequently recovered financially, thanks in part to a business strategy that involves granting licenses to use his name in numerous projects.

This was the year 2016 when Trump decided to start his political career as the first rich person to hold the presidential office. Trump proceeded to buy and develop real estate properties. (A request for Trump due to two Supreme Court cases that examined potential conflicts of interest and his various commercial interests prior to and during his presidency, he was ordered to file his tax returns).

Entertainment Career Of Trump

In 2004, Trump began presenting “The Apprentice,” a reality TV program where participants competed for executive positions at one of his firms. The program received high ratings and contained Trump’s slogan, “You’re fired.” Eventually, the business tycoon earned 1 million dollars for each episode and gained notoriety. He served as the host of both “The Apprentice” and its offshoot, “The Celebrity Apprentice,” for a total of 14 seasons.

In addition to playing himself in “The Apprentice” and making cameos in various TV shows and motion pictures including “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York,” Trump also ran Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants from 1996 to 2015. He established a modeling agency in 1999, which is still in business.


Political Career-The Journey Worth Read

Even as early as 1987, Mr. Trump displayed interest in seeking the presidency. He even joined the 2000 election as a Reform Party candidate. After 2008, he joined the “birther” movement, which disputed whether Barack Obama was actually born in the US, and quickly rose to the position of one of its most vocal members. The official announcement of Mr. Trump’s entry into the presidential race didn’t come until June 2015.

Making pledges to boost the American economy, Mr. Trump waged a divisive campaign on the slogan “Make America Great Again.” After winning the Indiana primary, Mr. Trump was declared the presumed front-runner for the Republican Party’s nomination for president, despite large-scale demonstrations at his campaign rallies and the best attempts of his competitors Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. He was already making history before taking the oath of office on January 20, 2017, as the first US president to never have held political office or been in the military.

Donald Trump’s Presidential Term

The moves made by Donald Trump while the president was not always without controversy. He approved the building of a wall along the United States border with Mexico, repealed the Affordable Care Act (also known as “Obamacare”), and left the talks for the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The economy was going well under his administration, and he reduced both the corporate and individual income tax rates. His management of the COVID-19 outbreak was appalling and caused the deaths of many Americans.

 The House of Representatives (the house of bicameral United States Congress)  impeached Donald Trump in December 2019 when it came to light that he had ordered Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden, a rival for his presidential nomination. Nevertheless, the Senate exonerated him of the accusation. Donald Trump was unsuccessful in being re-elected after falling short against Democratic rival Joe Biden in a controversial and contentious election.

Trump’s Awards & Achievements

In his whole career, Trump has received many awards and nominations. In the year 2005, Trump was nominated for the “Primetime Emmy Award”  in the aforementioned category. In 20017, due to his appreciative work in television, he became the winner of “Star On The Walk Of Fame.” Additionally, in 2013 he received recognition by being listed in the celebrity area at the Garden Of Madison Square, the WWE’s hall of fame, for his involvement in marketing a number of WWE events.

Trump Is A Man Having 3 Spouses

In the year 1977, Donald Trump decided to set his personal life and married the model Ivana Zelnickova. Soon the couple was blessed with three kids named Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Donald Trump Jr. But sadly, the marriage did not remain for a long time and they separated in 1992. 

Just in that year, Trump thought of making another attempt and tied the knot with Marla Maples, the famous actress. From this marriage, the couple welcome a daughter named Tiffany Trump. This marriage also did not succeed as the couple divorced in 1999. After 6 years of this divorce, Trump got hitched to Melania Knauss and gave birth to a son Barron Trump in the year 2006. But sadly due to some unknown reasons, his beloved wife died in the current year 2022.

Donald Trump Is The Top Richest Ex-President Alive

The extent of Donald Trump’s fortune is unknown. Several news sources have calculated his net worth. The most recent estimates place it at $3.2 billion by 2022, despite Trump’s substantially higher boasts. Trump inherited a large sum of money from his father, and he has also made money through charity work, real estate ventures, hotels, restaurants, golf courses, and the sale of goods bearing the Trump name, such as steaks, and suits.

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Unknown Facts About Donald Trump

  • Donald Trump has never smoked tobacco or used drugs, and he abstains from alcohol.
  • In his teenage years, Donald Trump received a military school punishment for misbehavior.
  • For his work in Ghost Can’t Do It, Donald Trump earned the Razzie Award in 1990 for Worst Supporting Actor.
  • Trump has genuine hair. His wife Melania cuts his hair for him.
  • Bill Maher (an American comedian and actor) was sued by Trump for referring to his father as a monkey.
  • Despite the fact that Donald Trump has been a highly successful businessman, in retrospect, he has missed out on several excellent business possibilities.
  • He detests shaking hands and has a phobia of germs.
  • The length of Donald Trump’s fingers is a well-known source of his self-consciousness.
  • He is fond of WWE World Wrestling Entertainment 

Wrap Up

The former president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, established his dominance as the best president of the country. He has contributed significantly to the advancement of his country and state. He is not only well-known but also a true humanitarian thanks to his numerous acts of kindness for his country. This is all about the previous president of the United States of America. Hope the article will be beneficial to your queries.

Donald Trump; His Journey From Factory Manager To The President Of The United State
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Donald Trump; His Journey From Factory Manager To The President Of The United State
The former president of the United States, Donald Trump, established his dominance as the best president of the country.
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